Caribbean Sustainable Energy & Innovation Institute (CSEII)

CSEII seeks to stimulate innovation in sustainable energy and Climate Change; influence behavioral change for energy efficiency, conservation and management towards more sustainable outcomes.  These objectives are anchored in finding solutions through research & development; special projects and consultancies; education and public outreach for Jamaica and the Caribbean as a whole. 


The CSEII seeks to position the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech,Ja.) as a Regional leader for sustainable energy solutions through, interdisciplinary research, education, sustainable technologies, and innovation and consultancy service.

Mission Statement

The CSEII is committed to delivering services of a high quality through our enriched educational programme and innovative research to adequately meet the diverse energy needs which exist at the local, regional and international level. Facilitating the growth of knowledge and honest intellectual inquiry, CSEII will contribute to economic development and improving the quality of the environment. We will continue to provide an enhanced customer service delivering  fulfilling student and staff experiences.