Message from the Acting Registrar


What a journey!! You have successfully navigated this life changing sojourn filled with a few bitter but mostly sweet moments.

I am sure that you can recall eagerly  entering this institution with great expectations of what UTech Jamaica had to offer. Some of you might have wondered if you would be equal to the challenge having not engaged in tertiary education before. Others of you may have entered with the weight of your family and community on your shoulders while many may have had to navigate the financial challenges associated with University studies.

During your time here at UTech, Jamaica, you may have had moments when you thought of quitting as the experience had obstacles that seemed insurmountable at the time. You may have come across that one module that you just could not grasp, or that one lecturer who you felt was giving you a hard time, or that one group project that seemed not to have the effort of the entire team.

You also had to make major adjustments to your learning experience as the pandemic brought uncertainties, taking you out of your learning comfort zone and transitioning you into unknown territory. 

Some of these obstacles could have had devastating outcomes. But you stuck to the task, kept your eyes firmly on your goal and have now joined the thousands of individuals both here in Jamaica and internationally who can proudly say that “I am a graduate of UTech, Jamaica.”

The University of Technology, Jamaica has now provided you with the tools necessary to  succeed in a world riddled with obstacles and challenges. As a UTech, Jamaica graduate, you will find that there will be absolutely no barrier that you cannot hurdle either by yourself or with the assistance of your fellow graduates.

As you leave the University of Technology, Jamaica, I encourage you to go out there and make a difference!! Make a difference in your communities!!  Make a difference in your work place!! Make a difference in society so that Jamaica and other countries can become better places because you, a Graduate of UTech, Jamaica, made a positive impact. 

The journey has not ended. There is so much more to learn. Your strong foundation will be the launching pad for a plethora of opportunities that I am sure you will grasp.

 May God continue to bless you as you achieve “Magna per artem gesta”

H. Barrington Thomas
Vice President & Registrar (Acting)