Fee Structure

Tuition and examination fees are payable at the start of each Semester; while the following non-refundable ancillary fees are payable upon registration at the beginning of the Academic Year:

  • Students’ Union
  • Health
  • Student Welfare Fund
  • Registration
  • Jam Copy Tariff
  • Health/Personal Accident Insurance

Students are required to pay all the fee components outlined above. In addition, some Schools/ Colleges/Faculties may have other prescribed fees for particular activities for example, the Axis Journal fee – applicable to Faculty of Built Environment and Law Library fee in the Faculty of Law.

Payment Information- Semesterized Students (Years 1-4)

  1. The University introduced the semesterisation system in the Academic Year 2009/10 which allows students to select modules and class times online using UTech’s webpage at www.utech.edu.jm.
  2. The tuition fee is based on modules students will undertake during the academic year, along with examination/ assessment fees, which should be paid per semester.
  3. Ancillary fees are paid annually, and are applicable even if the student is registered for only one Semester. The tuition fee that is paid as a semesterized student is calculated on a per credit basis. This is also based on the total number of credits to be taken in a given semester or academic year.
  4. The cost per credit differs across Colleges/Faculties/Schools and may also differ across programmes. This also applies to the University’s General Education modules.
  5. It is important that each student ascertain the cost per credit rate assigned to their College/Faculty/School/Course of Study.

Procedures for Generating Invoices- Semesterized Students (Years 1-4)

  1. Select modules to be pursued at the beginning of each semester (semester 1,semester 2 and summer)
  2. Submit and confirm modules then print invoice for modules selected
  3. Pay in full at any approved location as outlined below
  4. Await financial clearance by monitoring your in tray on the students’ portal.
  5. If modules are not confirmed and full payment is not received, financial clearance will not be granted.
  6. If financial clearance (FC) is granted, complete enrolment steps online
  7. The financial clearance process has been automated and will only be granted when the full payment has been received as per the student invoice.
  8. The commitment fee paid to secure your place at UTech represents your ancillary fee (applicable to year 1 students only); and should be subtracted from your total invoice. You are only required to pay the difference.
  9. Part payment is not allowed on modules selected each semester; instead you will be required to select modules based on your ability to pay the fees in full.

Procedures for generating invoices- Non-Semesterized Students (Year 5)

Year 5 students will continue to benefit from the Flexible Payment Plan for the academic year 2012/13. The conditions that apply are detailed on the fee breakdown generated by students on the students’ portal. The payment options available are as follows:

Option A: 

  1. “Payment in full” at the start of the Academic Year. This represents the lowest cost to the student.
  2. Fees are paid in full at the start of each year of the Course of Study.

Option B: 

  1. “Payment by Semester” This option requires that payments are made prior to the start of each semester and is more costly than Option A.
  2. This option is for persons who are unable to pay the full fees up front.
  3. This is a binding agreement that will allow you to pay the full cost of the course of study on the due date outlined on the student’s invoice.
  4. This payment option is not dependent on the courses taken per semester.
  5. Students are urged to review the options available and decide on the most suitable plan, as the payment option will not change once registration has been completed and the student will be liable for the fees for the payment option selected.
  6. The last payment plan students selected online will be the plan that will be reflected on their account
  7. Students will therefore be liable for the fee stated on the system and on their account.