Master/Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutics

Programme Name: Master/Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutics
Programme Code: PMPPHAMPTU1


Pharmaceutics – The science of dosage forms design - holds a central place in pharmacy education, forming a link between the industrial product development and manufacturing, and clinical aspects of therapeutic application.  The graduate course in pharmaceutics is designed to develop independent, creative scientists and professionals with adequate knowledge and skill base to function in academic and industrial research and development.

The course is packaged to develop suitably qualified candidates in advanced theory and practice of dosage form design, formulation and evaluation. The process development and validation component is expected to expose participants to the latest developments in this rapidly expanding field. In addition, the biological component of the programme will provide a solid foundation for candidates’ understanding of the effects of micro-organisms on product stability and the mechanisms by which drugs act on micro-organisms in drug products and in biologic systems such as man. The product of the program is confidently expected to be very versatile in the subject of drug development from chemical and biological substances into dosage forms of optimal quality.



The Master/Doctor of Philosophy degree in Pharmaceutics is the first of its kind in the Caribbean and a need gap exists that justifies this initiative. The training of graduates in pharmaceutical products and process research and development, manufacturing and control would contribute significantly to the expansion of pharmaceutical research and development in Jamaica and the Caribbean. It will also produce potential tutors for the pharmaceutics departments of the Schools of Pharmacy across the region.



M.Phil. Course in Pharmaceutics (Pharmaceutical Technology Option)

  • Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy of the University of Technology, Jamaica or any other approved institution recognized by the Academic Board.

Pharmaceutical Analysis Option

  • B. Pharm.; B.Sc. in Applied Chemistry, Industrial or Analytical Chemistry or Biochemistry of UTech or any other approved institution recognized by the Academic Board.

  • At least a Second Class Upper division or with a GPA of 3.0 or its equivalent.

Ph. D. Course

  • Taught master degree in Pharmacy  or as specified (including a research component)


Detailed Programme Structure
YEAR 1      
  M. Phil. Pharmaceutics course    
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  Taught Modules

Ph. D. Pharmaceutics course

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