Steps Prior to Completing Enrolment Steps:

School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

  • All 3rd year students are required to select their minors.

All 4th - 5th year Students with Repeat Status

All students with repeat status are required to:

  • Complete a Repeat Form obtained from your Faculty
  • Submit stamped and signed Repeat Form to the Office of Admissions and Enrolment     Management.
  • Wait at least two (2) working days before completing the Enrolment Steps.

Progression Status

You are required to check your progression status prior to enrolment. You will not be able to complete your enrolment if you have not been progressed.

To check your progression status:

  • Step 1              Visit the University’s website at www.utechjamaica.edu.jm and click on the ‘Student Portal’ link at the top right hand corner of the page.
  • Step 2              Click on the link ‘Log-in to UTECH Portal here’ and follow the instructions to log in.
  • Step 3              Click on the ‘Student’ tab which is located on the top left of the page.
  • Step 4              Go to section entitled Your Academic Information, which is located in the center of the page.
  • Step 5              Click on the ‘Provisional Progression Results’ link which is at the bottom of this section.
  • Step 6              Your record for the current academic year will show your progression status.  If the Provisional status field is blank, or there is no date in the Decision date field, you have not been progressed and need to contact your Faculty Administrator.

You may now proceed with the completion of the enrolment steps.

Enrolment steps

  • Step 1                   Click on the ‘Student Portal’ link at the top right hand corner of the page.
  • Step 2                   Click on the link ‘Log–in to UTECH Portal here’ and follow the instructions to log in.
  •  Step 3                  Go to the ‘Flexible Payment Plan’ section located below the INTRAY on the left of the page and click on the link ‘Select Payment Plan.’ Follow the instructions to select your payment plan and view your fees (printing is optional).
  • Step 4                   Log out of the Student Portal
  • Step 5                   Pay your Fees using one of the following options:

Making Your Payment

Procedure for Staff member /Sponsored Students (Scholarship recipients)/Co-dependents of UTech Staff member

  • If you are a staff member or a co-dependent of a UTech staff member, you need to:
    1. Take your fee breakdown to the UTech Human Resource Department for approval.
    2. Information will be transmitted electronically to the Students Receivable unit by HR department for update to your account.
    3. Pay all tuition/miscellaneous/registration fees required for enrolment:  See the “General Payment Procedure” below.
  • If you are a sponsored student (receiving scholarship), you need to:
    1. Proceed to the Financial Aid Office located on the University’s main campus with the fee breakdown.
    2. Pay all tuition/miscellaneous/registration fees required for enrolment:  See the “General Payment Procedure” below.
    3. Check student in tray for financial clearance message.

General Payment Procedure

Make the necessary/required payments via any of the following available options:

Any branch of NCB Island wide.

  1. If payments are being made via any branch of NCB the following are required:
    1. UTECH Fee breakdown with Student’s Name, ID Number and amount to be paid.
    2. A completed regular NCB Deposit voucher with the following details:
      1. UTECH’S Account Number:
        1. 371360247 (JA$ Payments ONLY) OR
        2. 376089223 (US$ Payments ONLY)
      2. Student’s Name
      3. Student’s Identification Number
      4. The name of the person making the payment must be written in the section “PAID IN BY___________”
      5. “UTECH School Fee Payment” must be written  at the section “ACCOUNT NAME____________”
      6. Include the amount being paid.

**Fees should be paid as per the currency of your fee breakdown so that updates can be made to your account within 48 hours.

  1. Via Tele-Midas at 1-888-622-3477-8 or by via E-Banking online at www.jncb.com  (NCB Customers ONLY).
  2. Payments can be made via Wire-Transfer (from any bank that supports this facility) using the following  information:
    1. UTECH’S Account Number:
      1. 376089223 (US$ Payments ONLY)
      2. 371360247 (JA$ Payments ONLY)
    3. Student’s Name
    4. Student’s Identification Number

** The above information should be indicated on the wire-transfer information and a copy of completed transaction faxed to Fax #: 970 – 2302
** Wire-Transfers take on average up 3 days or more, depending on the point of origin of the transfer. Any charges incurred during the transfer will be deducted from the original amount being sent and the remainder applied to the recipient’s account.

  1. Any Paymaster® Branch
    • Provide the Paymaster representative with the following information:
      •  Student Identification Number
      • Student Name
      •  Amount being paid
      • Indicate that payment is being made to “UTECH”

** The above details SHOULD be printed on the receipt when the transaction is completed!

  1. UTECH Accounts Receivable  - Debit/Credit Card or Manager’s Cheque ONLY

* At least 2 clear working days are required to process all transactions which were not made at UTech Accounts Receivable. Therefore, step 6 cannot be completed until after two working days have passed.

  • Step 6                   Return to the UTech Student Portal after your fees have been paid to complete your online enrolment. 
    The Accounts Department would have now updated your account status to Financial Clearance.  A message will be sent to your Intray located on your Home page of the Student Portal. 
  • Step 7                   Click on the link ‘Click here to enroll’ located under the Action column in your intray and follow the instructions to complete your enrolment.
  • Step 8                   Proceed to the Department of Safety and Security located on the ground floor of the main Administration building of the University to process your identification card. 
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