The Monthly Newsletter of the University of Technology, Jamaica Vol. XIV Issue 11 & 12 - Nov. Ė Dec. 2010

Outgoing Chancellor Celebrated

The UTech Dance Ensemble performing at the inaugural Chancellor’s Day held on Wednesday, November 3, 2010 at the Alfred Sangster auditorium in honour of Chancellor Lord Morris of Handsworth, OJ.  Pictured in the front row from left are Ms. Eileen Ware, Chancellor’s Partner, Most Hon. Edward Seaga ON, PC, Pro-Chancellor, Chancellor Lord Morris of Handsworth, OJ and Prof. the Hon. Errol Morrison, OJ, President.  Among the audience were members of UTech’s Council, faculty, staff and students.

On Wednesday, November 3, 2010, the University of the Technology, Jamaica (UTech) hosted the inaugural Chancellor’s Day for outgoing Chancellor, Lord Morris of Handsworth, OJ who demitted office on November 6, 2010. 

The Chancellor’s Day activities included a display with pictorial highlights of Lord Morris’s ten-year tenure at UTech mounted in the lobby of the main Administration building and a programme in tribute to him held in the Alfred Sangster auditorium on campus.  The Chancellor’s Day programme included cultural presentations by the UTech Art and Theatre Ensemble, an overview of the University’s development presented by President Morrison, launch of the UTech Virtual Museum and Heritage Site and an address by the Chancellor.

Mrs. Dianne Mitchell, V.P. Administration and University Registrar who led the staging of the celebratory day, noted in her welcome that the inaugural Chancellor’s Day was conceptualized long before the University learned of the Chancellor’s desire to retire.  The Registrar announced that the event will henceforth be etched in the University’s calendar as an annual event to enable the sitting Chancellor to interact with staff and students.

President, Prof. the Hon. Errol Morrison, OJ in expressing heartfelt appreciation to Chancellor Morris for his ten years of service to UTech, said that, “you came you saw and you have conquered our hearts.”  Pro-Chancellor, Most Hon. Edward Sega thanked Lord Morris for sharing his knowledge and strong links with other institutions particularly in the UK.  “We have appreciated his dedication and service and all the good things he did for UTech.  We will greatly miss his knowledge and wisdom and the wonderful stories,” noted Mr. Seaga.

Chancellor’s Address

In an emotional farewell speech to staff and students, Lord Morris said that we was “overwhelmed by the reception received from the University community.”  He noted that his journey has been filled with “excitement and fulfillment.”  He thanked former Presidents Dr. the Hon. Alfred Sangster, OJ, and Dr. the Hon. Rae Davis, OJ and sitting President, Prof. the Hon. Errol Morrison, OJ for the continuing “exponential growth and development of the institution.”

Tackling Digital Poverty

The Chancellor noted that among the immutable evidence of UTech’s ongoing development are the increase in student numbers from 7,669 in 2007 to over 11,000 in 2009; the increase in the number of academic units from five to seven and the rapid expansion outside of Kingston and St. Andrew.  He however, lamented the fact that there still remains many pockets of ignorance and what he describes as “digital poverty,” wherein thousands of Jamaican’s sill have no access to a computer and the World Wide Web.  “The continued acceptance of digital poverty among sections of our community is an indictment on this generation, and it is a curse that we will have left for generations to come.  We must act now,” he emphasized, challenging the University to help to solve the problem.

 Lord Morris thanked members of faculty, staff and students for their contribution to the building of the University and promised that despite his retirement, he remains available to UTech.  “My tenure as Chancellor ends on November 6, but my association with this great institution continues,” he said. 

Lord Morris of Handsworth, OJ began his tenure as Chancellor of UTech on December 1, 1999 and was installed as Chancellor on July 12, 2000.


Pictorial Highlights of Chancellor’s Day


A delighted Lord Morris and his partner, Ms. Eileen Ware  look at the display mounted in his honour in the lobby of the Main Administration building. Pro-Chancellor Most Hon. Edward Seaga (l) shares a light moment with from left, Ms. Eileen Ware, Chancellor’s Partner, Chancellor Lord Morris and Mrs. Dorothy Pine-McLarty, Deputy Chairman of UTech’s Council.
Members of the Students’ Union executive were all smiles as they posed for pictures with Lord Morris. Chancellor Morris (centre) caught in a jovial mood with Mr. Eric Frater, member of UTech’s Council and Prof. Rosalea Hamilton, Vice-President, Development, UTech.
Chancellor Morris shares a hearty laugh with Deputy President, Prof. Ashok Kulkarni (centre) and President Prof. the Hon. Errol Morrison, OJ. Past UTech President, Dr. the Hon. Alfred Sangster (left) presents Chancellor Morris and his partner, Ms. Eileen Ware with an advance copy of his book on the History of Cast to UTech.  President Morrison (2nd left) shares the happy moment.  

Chancellor’s Forum Examines University’s Role in Socio-Economic Renewal

Outgoing Chancellor, Lord Morris of Handsworth, OJ makes a point at the 3rd Annual Chancellor’s Forum held on November 3, 2010 at the Terra Nova Hotel.

Outgoing Chancellor, Lord Morris of Handsworth, OJ presided over the 3rd Annual staging of the Chancellor’s Forum held on Wednesday, November 3, 2010 at the Terra Nova Hotel under the theme, “The Role of the University in Socio-Economic Renewal.”    The distinguished panel of speakers comprised the Most Honourable Edward Seaga, ON, PC, Former Prime Minister and Pro-Chancellor, UTech, Mr. Ralph Thompson of the National Council on Education and Dr Neville Swaby, Head, UTech/JIM School of Advanced Management.  The forum was expertly moderated by Mr. Ronnie Thwaites, Member of Parliament and talk show host.

Lord Morris in his welcome noted that the Forum which had its inauguration in 2006 is intended to concretize strategies and recommendations that can be implemented in the short to medium term.

Mr. Seaga in his presentation lamented the high percentage of students at the primary level who are not literate and numerate.  He suggested that the solution to this national crisis lies in focusing exclusively on literacy and numeracy in the first two years of the primary school curriculum. “Why can’t we for the first two years in primary schools do nothing but train the student to be literate and numerate so that when they rejoin the mainstream of the curriculum in grade three they are now able to understand and participate in the teaching that is taking place?”, he questioned.  Mr. Seaga stressed the fact that human resources are the fundamentals of the development of a society.  “There is no rich country that is poor and no poor country that is rich,” he said.

Mr. Thompson in his presentation reminded the gathering of the need to prepare our students for globalization and appealed for greater emphasis on liberal arts education at the tertiary level that incorporates important concepts such as logic and ethics in the curriculum.

Dr. Neville Swaby reminded the audience of the importance of preparing our students for competing in a globalized world.  He noted that UTech as the “people’s University” is on an incremental path in leading the charge by going directly into communities  across Jamaica to take the required programmes to the people while broadening the interactions with businesses, the government and other institutions.  This he noted will create an innovative environment and great alliance with communities.

President Provides Update on UTech’s Major Achievements

President Morrison presenting the University’s Annual Report for the 2009 – 10 period.

President Morrison in his presentation of the University’s Annual Report for the 2009 – 10 period, provided the gathering with an update of major academic and support services over the last year.  Among the noted highlights:

  • UTech now has a presence in 10 of the 14 parishes in various degrees of development
  • Academic partnerships with various international, regional and local Universities and other entities
  • New undergraduate programmes in Civil Engineering, Sports Sciences and other areas and new graduate programmes in Health Administration, Public Health, Medical Dentistry and Pharmacy.

In attendance at the Forum were members of academia, the business community and the diplomatic corps.

Governor General Pays Official Visit to UTech


President, Prof. the Hon. Errol Morrison, OJ (right) introduces the Governor General, His Excellency the Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen to members of UTech’s Council and Academic Board.

His Excellency the Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen accompanied by his wife Her Excellency the Most Honourable Lady Allen paid an official visit to UTech on Thursday, November 4, 2010.  The Governor General visited the Institution in his official capacity as “Visitor”. Under the University of Technology, Jamaica Act, 1999, section 5, the Governor General or his designate may from time to time in exercise of the visitorial authority direct an inspection of the University, its buildings, laboratories and general work, equipment and of the examination, teaching and other activities of the University, and hear matters referred to him by the Council.
In his remarks the Governor General commended UTech on its “exponential growth” in academic programmes, noting that he was pleased to see that UTech now has a presence in 10 of the 14 parishes.  He admonished the University to continue to offer new and non-traditional programmes that will make graduates of the institution more marketable.  The Governor General also praised outgoing Chancellor, Lord Morris of Handsworth, OJ for his “tremendous leadership” during his tenure.

Their Excellencies toured sections of the campus, met with the Students’ Union Council, attend and participated in a joint meeting of the Academic Board and Council and officially unveiled the plaque declaring UTech’s Lillian’s restaurant as a national heritage site. 


Pictorial Highlights – Governor General’s Official Visit


His Excellency the Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen (4th  left) raps with Temard Butterfield (right), President of the UTech Students’ Union.  Sharing in the discussion from left are Most Hon. Edward Seaga, ON, PC, Pro-Chancellor, Lord Morris of Handsworth, OJ, Chancellor and Lady Allen.
Dr. Robin Osbourne (right), Vice-Dean, Faculty of the Built Environment explains something of interest inside the Faculty’s Construction Technology Lab.  Paying keen attention from left are Pro-Chancellor Edward Seaga (partially hidden), Dr. Carol Archer, Dean, Faculty of the Built Environment and Lady Allen.
His Excellency (2nd left) is delighted to receive a gift of a specially printed disc from Dr. Felix Akinladejo, Vice-Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Computing following his tour of the JPSCo Power Lab in the School of Engineering.  The memento which records the occasion of His Excellency’s visit was made from the 3-D Printer used for fabricating three dimensional designs.  Sharing the occasion from left are Lady Allen, Pro-Chancellor, Hon. Edward Seaga, Chancellor Lord Morris of Handsworth, OJ and Mrs. Charmaine DeLisser, Dean, Faculty of Engineering & Computing.
Dr. Mauvalyn Bowen (left), Head, School of Entrepreneurship takes their Excellencies on a tour of the School’s facilities located at the former Technology Innovation Centre.  Their Excellencies visited several tenants located at the business incubator.
Chancellor Lord Morris of Handsworth, OJ (left) shares a hearty laugh with the Governor General as he presents him with a copy of UTech’s Septennial Review report which looks at UTech’s development in the first septennial (7 years) of its existence as a University.  The Septennial Review was published in 2007.
His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen unveils the plaque officially declaring UTech’s Lillian’s Restaurant as a national heritage site during his official visit to the University’s Papine campus on Thursday, November 4, 2010.  Joining in the moment from left are Pro-Chancellor, Most Hon. Edward Seaga, ON, PC, Chancellor,  Lord Morris of Handsworth, OJ, Cheryl Smikle, Operations Manager, Lillian’s Restaurant, Lady Allen and President, Prof. the Hon. Errol Morrison, OJ.  Lillian’s Restaurant was declared a national monument by the Jamaica National Heritage Trust effective May 21, 2010. 


Over 2,000 Graduate From UTech

Confetti flowed as happy graduates responded to the Chancellor’s charge to declare the Graduating Class of 2010 “the greatest.”

Over 2,000 graduates qualified to receive masters and undergraduate degrees, diplomas and certificates in a variety of disciplines at the annual Ceremony for the Presentation of Graduates held on Saturday, November 6, 2010 at the National Arena.

Outgoing Chancellor Lord Morris of Handsworth, OJ officially demitted office following his last role in presiding over the graduation ceremony.  In his farewell remarks he thanked colleagues who have supported him in his tenure as Chancellor.  He expressed appreciation to Hon. Dorothy Pine-McLarty, OJ who has served as the Chancellor’s representative on UTech’s Council, Mrs. Dianne Mitchell, Registrar and her team and the President and Pro-Chancellor for their unwavering support.

The Chancellor told the gathering that he felt proud that his vision expressed at his inauguration for UTech to become “the People’s University” had been unfolding over the years.  “The University has undergone rapid expansion in its academic offerings since it became a University in 1995… new programmes have been added in various disciplines including law, dental sciences, engineering, business and management, sports sciences and others and several satellites of the University have been established across Jamaica,” he proudly noted.

President Morrison while welcoming graduates back as alumni, encouraged them to use their new found knowledge to create business enterprises to earn income for themselves and others.  The President also thanked Chancellor Morris for his ten years of service to the University.  “We wish for you God Speed wherever your footprints may take you,” the President said.

“We stand ready to take on the world” declared Valedictorian Carol Rhoden in her address to the Graduating Class of 2010.

Valedictorian, Carol Rhoden, first class honours graduate of the College of Business and Management expressed gratitude to academic advisors, administrators, parents, sponsors and mentors and admonished her colleagues to “ensure that the lessons learnt are embedded in our way of life that we have no choice but to positively impact the lives of others through exemplary leadership.”


Honorary Degrees

The University conferred honorary degrees on three outstanding Jamaicans who were awarded the Doctor of Laws honoris causa for their various roles in contributing to Jamaica’s growth and development: Mrs Geneive Brown Metzger, Jamaica Consul General to New York, Mr. Earl Jarrett, OD, JP, General Manager, Jamaica National Building Society and Mr. Douglas Orane, CD, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Grace Kennedy Ltd.

Mrs. Brown Metzger was honoured for her role in driving the growth and development of health care, education and sports in Jamaica.  Mr. Earl Jarrett was being recognized for his contribution to Jamaica’s economic development in his role as head of the Caribbean’s largest building society and Mr. Douglas Orane was lauded for his leadership and contribution to commerce and society.

President Prof. the Hon. Errol Morrison, OJ (right) poses with 2010 Honorary Graduates from left, Mr. Earl Jarrett, OD, JP, General Manager, Jamaica National Building Society,  Mrs. Geneive Brown-Metzger, Jamaica’s eight Consul General to New York and Mr. Douglas Orane, CD, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Grace Kennedy Company Limited.

UTech Research Examines the Transferability of CSEC English Language Skills to the Tertiary Context


Mrs. Clover Jones McKenzie, (at podium) Head of the Communication Division in the Department of Liberal Studies, Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies presents the findings of a research project on the transferability of English Language skills from the secondary to the tertiary level context.  The findings of the research were presented at a special forum with education stakeholders (left) held on Friday, December 3, 2010 at the Knutsford Court Hotel.

The Department of Liberal Studies in the Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies, University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech) has completed the first phase of a research project investigating the transferability of English Language skills from the secondary to the tertiary level context. The findings of the research were shared with stakeholders in the education sector on Friday, December 3, 2010 at a special presentation at the Knutsford Court Hotel.  

The research investigates the national crisis related to the underperformance of Jamaican students in the core competence of English Language at the CSEC level and the consequent deficiency in preparation for studies at the tertiary level even for some who have received a passing grade in CXC English language.  The research sample consisted of 430 first year UTech students, teachers of English Language from eighteen (18) secondary schools in Kingston and  St. Andrew, St. Catherine, St. Ann, Portland, Clarendon and Manchester.


Dr. Judith Orogun, Research team member and Lecturer/Coordinator, Academic Writing, Department of Liberal Studies, present findings of the research.


Research Findings

Among the findings of the research are:

  • Approximately 60% of UTech students who have achieved passing grades in CSEC English A lack the essential foundation skills to perform competently in Communication courses.
  • Only 45% of teachers of English Language in the sample had a teaching diploma.
  • 55% of teachers sampled indicated that they predominantly used the second language approach to the teaching of English.
  • Lack of reinforcement by other subject teachers and the wider school community.
  • Weaknesses in language skills are carried from the elementary level through the primary and in the secondary level without adequate or effective intervention and remediation.
  • Students’ negative attitudes towards learning the correct structures and skills of English continue to be a challenge at the secondary and tertiary levels.
  • Environmental factors such as large class size, noise, poor lighting, improper ventilation and parental involvement in the learning process adversely impact language learning.

In an effort to generate possible solutions to the problem, the research team led by Mrs. Clover Jones-McKenzie, Head of the Communications Division in the Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies met with key partners in the education system.  These included officials from the Ministry of Education as well as teachers of English Language from selected secondary schools from the parishes of Kingston and St. Andrew, St. Catherine, St. Ann, Portland, Clarendon and Manchester.

The stakeholders at the forum agreed that a serious remedial programme was necessary to solve this national crisis and proposed a number of recommendations.  Among them:

  • The on-going professional development of English Language teachers should be encouraged to ensure a high level of competence in the subject area.
  • Commence intervention at the early childhood education development stage by emphasizing the importance and value of learning the proper use of English.
  • Other subject teachers should be tested for competency in English Language skills.
  • Implementation of an integrated approach to content delivery incorporating all the mechanics of English into each subject area.
  • Improve the learning environment by reducing class sizes, adjusting teaching times for English language classes and the physical environment.
  • Host clustered workshops to share best practices among English teachers of different grades.
  • Find innovative ways to improve student involvement in the learning and practice of the English Language.
  • Improve teacher and parent collaboration to raise the level of parental involvement.
  • Collaboration with other stakeholders where there is a high concentration of the Jamaican populous such as the health centres in order to promulgate the use of Standard English. 

Ministry of Education Endorses Research

Miss Daphine Simon, Senior Officer for Language in the Ministry of Education in her remarks at the forum said that the Ministry recognizes that the problem of English Language competence has proven persistent.  “We understand the challenge and welcome the research perspective being brought to the problem,” she noted.

Dr. Haldane Johnson, Dean of the Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies opined that UTech’s current intervention in developing language skills is insufficient to build competency.  He congratulated the research team, noting that the project was in keeping with the University’s mission to produce highly competent work-ready graduates. 

The research was enabled by grant funding provided by the School of Graduate Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship (SGSRE), UTech.  The other members of the research team are Ms. Grace Hamilton, Ms. Daidrah Smith and Dr. Harold McDermott, Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies.

Ground Broken for UTech campus in Trelawny



President Prof. the Hon. Errol Morrison, OJ, (right) participates in the ground breaking for the Holland Estates University town development in Trelawny held on December 1, 2010.  Pictured from left are Hon. Horace Chang, Minister of Water and Housing, Mrs. Geneive Brown-Metzger, Jamaica’s Consul General to New York who introduced the University to the proprietors of Zuccherina Developments, Mr. James Goren, Director, Zuccherina Developments, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, Minister of Tourism and Mr. Kirk Kennedy, President and CEO, Kencasa Construction and Project Management Ltd.

History was made on December 1, 2010 at the site of the ground breaking for the development of Holland Estates in Trelawny – a sprawling 192 acres housing project conceptualized as a University town by developers Zuccherina Developments Jamaica Limited in partnership with Kencasa Construction and Project Management Limited. The developers announced at the ground breaking ceremony that the location will incorporate a satellite campus of the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech).

The Housing development will have units varying in sizes from duplex, studios and two and three bedroom dethatched units.  The property is located minutes from the historic Falmouth Port, now under development as a cruise port which is to be commissioned in early 2011.

Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett in welcoming the UTech hospitality school, noted that the combination of shelter and training gives the Ministry two-thirds of its mandate to develop a cadre of industry professionals, second to none in the world. Main speaker at the ground breaking ceremony, Hon. Horace Chang, Minister of Water and Housing also pledged the Government’s support for the realization of the university town.

President Morrison in his remarks introduced the 20 members of the UTech family who travelled to Trelawny to witness the historic occasion.  The President told the gathering that UTech is ready to partner with the developers to further strengthen UTech’s capacity for providing access to training in the west.

UTech Partners with Jamaica Netball Association for Coaching Courses

It’s applauses all around as the UTech/JNA partnership deal is sealed following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two institutions on November 30, 2010 at Lillian’s Restaurant, UTech.  From left are Dr. Neville Graham, Head of School, Caribbean School of Sports Sciences, Faculty of Science and Sport, Prof. Ashok Kulkarni, Deputy President, Prof. the Hon. Errol Morrison, OJ, President, Mrs. Marva Bernard, President, Jamaica Netball Association, Dr. Colin Gyles, Dean, Faculty of Science and Sport and Miss Dorothy Hobson, 2nd Vice President, Jamaica Netball Association.


The University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech) and the Jamaica Netball Association (JNA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding at a special ceremony held on November 30, 2010 at Lillian’s Restaurant, UTech.  Under the agreement, UTech will administer a series of certificate training courses over the next year aimed at certifying 250 netball coaches to international standards.

The curriculum will include exercise physiology; the fitness cycle; functions of the athlete; sports psychology; sports medicine; nutrition and fluid management; drugs and sports and the female athlete. The technical areas to be covered include planning and organisation of training; using training styles effectively; goal setting; communication, and planning and organising the game. Successful graduates of the programme will be able to matriculate into degree programmes.

Plans Announced for 2011 UTech/UWI Sports Championships


UTech students led by Students’ Union President Temard Butterfield (left) exude school spirit as they arrive at the UWI Mona Bowl for the inaugural Pelican/Knights Championship held on Saturday, November 17, 2010.


Dubbed the Pelican/Knights Championship, plans for the second staging of the annual games between sports teams from the University of the West Indies and the University of Technology, Jamaica were announced at a Sponsors’ Breakfast hosted by UTech’s Department of Sport, on November 17, 2010 at Lillian’s Restaurant, UTech, Papine Campus.  The event was hosted for sponsors who supported the inaugural championships held on September 28, 2010.

Noting that the inaugural staging held at the UWI, Mona Bowl was “a resounding success,” Director of Sport, Mr. Anthony Davis said that the 2011 Championships will be held on the UTech campus.  In addition to Cricket, Netball, basketball, Volleyball and Football, two other sports (to be announced later) will be added.

The Director of Sport urged partners present and other organizations to come on board not only to be part of a great event but to take advantage of the marketing opportunity to reach a combined population of over 27,000  student, staff and alumni from both institutions.  Mr. Davis pointed out that the aim of the event is to build awareness of university sports and each institution’s brand.  He expressed hope that the event will grow to become a major annual event with the popularity of the well known Oxford/Cambridge boat race.

Scenes from Pelican/Knights 2010 Championships


Mark Your Calendars – UTech Knights Classic Series 2011

  • Table Tennis – February 12, Alfred Sangster auditorium, UTech
  • Track and Field – April 16 at the National Arena
  • Golf – September 24 and 25 at the Caymanas Golf and Country Club
  • Basket ball – November 25 to 27 at the Alfred Sangster auditorium, UTech
  • Beach Volleyball – December 3 at UWI Mona Bowl


For more information contact the Department of Sport, University of Technology, Jamaica. Tel (876) 702 – 4236.

School of Entrepreneurship Forges Partnership to Strengthen its Incubation Capacity



Official Signing: Seated from left, Dr. Claudette Williams-Myers, Vice-Dean, College of Business and Management, University of Technology, Jamaica (UTECH), Dr. Henley Morgan, Chairman, Agency for Inner City Renewal (AIR) and Dr. Michael Rosberg, Executive Volunteer, AIR sign MoU documents formalizing collaborative arrangements between the School of Entrepreneurship, College of Business and Management, UTech and the AIR.  Witnessing the signing are, (standing from left), Mrs. Dionne Palmer, Incubator Manager, School of Entrepreneurship,  Dr. Mauvalyn Bowen, Head, School of Entrepreneurship and  Dr. Horace Williams, Programme Director, School of Entrepreneurship. The signing ceremony was held on Tuesday, December 7, 2010 at School of Entrepreneurship, UTech Papine campus.


The School of Entrepreneurship, University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech) has forged a partnership with the Agency for Inner City Renewal (AIR) that will provide the opportunity for students to gain practical orientation to the world of business through the business incubator and entrepreneurship programme for micro and small businesses in Trench Town and its environs.   The School of Entrepreneurship is assisting with the development of the incubator. The two institutions formalised a collaborative agreement with the signing of a memorandum of understanding on Tuesday, December 7, 2010 at the School of Entrepreneurship, UTech Papine campus.

Dr. Claudette Williams-Myers, Vice Dean, College of Business and Management in welcoming the Agency for Inner City Renewal (AIR) on board, said that the partnership is timely and she looked forward to the collaboration which is in keeping with the institution’s thrust of enhancing community development, noting that our students will benefit from the practical experiences to be gained. 

Dr. Henley Morgan, Chairman, Agency for Inner City Renewal (AIR), said that he was pleased to be partnering with UTech, stating that community transformation has to be a collaborative venture in order to advance social and economic development in communities.  He hopes that the collaboration will establish best practices and attract resources which will encourage wealth creation activities in Trench Town and its environs.

The partnership will also serve as a platform to develop a business incubation model for the School of Entrepreneurship which will be used to provide expertise and technical assistance to communities needing workable business solutions for community transformation and capacity building.

UTech/ Embassy of Spain Host Symposium

The Faculty of the Built Environment in collaboration with the Embassy of Spain hosted a Symposium in recognition of the 1510 settlement of Spanish Jamaica and its legacy to Jamaica and the English Speaking on Thursday, December 9, 2010 on the UTech Papine campus.  Jamaican Architect, Patricia E. Green (pictured above), delivered the keynote presentation entitled El Reconocimento Jamaica Espanola 500:  Recognizing the Quincentennial of Spanish Settlement in Jamaica and its legacy to the Americas: Spanish Jamaica Towns of “Sevilla” and “La Villa” highlighting the importance and significance of our shared Spanish history in the physical and cultural development of the Caribbean and the Americas.

Faculty of Engineering & Computing Receives Portable Weather Station for Solar Energy Research

Mrs. Charmaine DeLisser (2nd left), Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Computing accepts a portable weather station from Dr. Paul Ruscher (3rd left), Associate Professor of  Meteorology and Climatology, Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Institute
 at Florida State University (FSU) who visited the School of Engineering on Thursday and Friday December 9 and 10. The equipment will be used for research in solar energy.   Dr. Ruscher is currently conducting research in the Caribbean region based on a journal article  co-authored with Dr. Michael Case,  Director - Industrial Engineering, School of Engineering some  two years ago which proposed a methodology of establishing of a low latitude solar reference spectra for our region that would complement the already existing mid latitude spectra.  Sharing in the happy occasion are Dr. Nilza Smith, Head, School of Engineering and Dr. Michael Case.

Dr. Ruscher presented his research findings in a paper presentation at an Energy Symposium held in the Faculty’s conference room on Friday, December 10, 2010.  The abstract of Dr. Rusher’s paper is outlined below.

"Atmospheric Factors Limiting Solar Energy Efficiency in the Tropics –

Application to Jamaica"

Dr. Paul Ruscher
Associate Professor of Meteorology and Climatology
Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Institute
Florida State University

The tropics would seem to be an optimal region in which solar energy can be utilized at maximum efficiency in an effort to improve the use of renewable energy sources and move towards sustainability.  Yet, the tropical atmosphere has some rather unique characteristics that may often limit the practical use, particularly (in comparison) when fossil fuel sources are either readily available or are inexpensive.  In addition, many solar panels are rated with efficiency factors appropriate for an atmosphere relevant to the US Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s location in Boulder, Colorado, which is certainly quite different from most tropical locations.  The present research project is funded at Florida State University as part of an effort at the new Institute for Energy Systems, Economics and Sustainability (IESES) to examine efficient and effective use of alternative energy in the subtropics and tropics. 

Engineers often use the Air Mass (AM) as the principal variable that accounts for atmospheric depletion of the incoming solar beam, but from a meteorological perspective this may be inadequate.  We focus our efforts on using the SMARTS model to estimate the individual and joint impacts of such factors as water vapor, ozone, aerosol, surface type, horizontal visibility, and air temperature on predicted annual energy availability for a location in Kingston, Jamaica.  We also make preliminary calculations to incorporate the effects of cloud measurements, as meteorologists would use them, to try to examine more realistic depletion curves.  Finally, we provide some educational perspectives on how measurements can be obtained from local sources or relevant science education programs to facilitate energy exploration in local schools, using protocols from the GLOBE science program. 


Prof. Gossett Oliver Named Fellow, JIE

Prof. Gossett Oliver, Vice President, Graduate Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship has been elevated to the class of Fellow in the Jamaica Institution of Engineers (JIE) .  He was presented with the certificate at the JIE’s Annual Awards Dinner and Ball held on November 27, 2010 at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel.  Candidates for election to the class of Fellow of the JIE must meet the following criteria:


  1.  be a Corporate Member of the Institution for a  minimum period of ten (10) years;
  2.  at the time of consideration, be engaged in or   associated with the practice of engineering;
  3.  occupy a position of responsibility, have performed special duties, acquired expertise in engineering technology, research or development or  < otherwise distinguished himself in a chosen field of engineering;
  4. have contributed to the development or practice of Engineering in Jamaica, including service to the Jamaica Institution of Engineers;

Prof. Oliver is one of the 22 Engineers/Member who currently hold the class of Fellow
in the JIE.


Anthony Davis to Address 26th FISU Conference

The UTech sports programme has again received international recognition with the recent invitation of our Director of Sport, Mr. Anthony Davis who also serves as President of the Jamaica Intercollegiate Sports, to address the prestigious FISU Conference of the 26th Universiade to be hosted by Shenzhen University from August 13 to 16, 2011 in Shenzhen, PR, China.  The invitation came following Mr. Davis’ keynote address at the Central American and Caribbean Games Rectors Forum held in the Dominican Republic earlier this year in October.
The FISU Conference entitled “Conference for the Study of University Sport” complements the sporting aspect with sociological study and scientific research, illustrating the need to bring together sport and the university spirit.  The themes discussed in these conferences relate to the study of university sports, the different elements of university sport and physical education.  Mr. Davis’ presentation at the conference will focus on “The strategic development of the UTech, Jamaica Sport Programme in producing some of the world’s best student athletes.”

The University community joins in congratulating our Director of Sport on this distinguished invitation.


UTech Staff Publication on Performance Based Management System Published in International Journal

UTech PhD candidate and SCIT Lecturer Mr. Valeri Pougatchev and his supervisor Professor Ashok Kulkarni, Deputy President, have recently published two papers in the International Journal of Information Technology and Knowledge Management. These papers are based on the Performance Based Management System [PBMS] Software which Mr. Valeri Pougatchev has developed for the University.


 The papers are:


The International Journal of Information Technology and Knowledge Management January-June 2011, Volume 4, No. 1, pp. 243-252
Abstract: This paper describes a macroscopic structure of the e-Management Control and Evaluation System (e-MCES) for the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech). In our University we consider this web application as a base for a full management system for educational institution that includes strategic, academic, and financial planning and management components. Actually, the system we have been developing is becoming a fully Integrated Management System (IMS) finally. The IMS will allow the institution to respond promptly to real-world challenges and opportunities that might affect its short- and long-term strategy. This system provides an accurate diagnosis of the educational reality and an objective assessment of the impact of intervention on policies and society. The information produced by current version of the System (e-MCES) can then be used
as a social control tool to press those responsible for managing the educational system to produce necessary improvements. In this technical oriented paper we would like to share our vision on the structure of similar Systems, describe current and prospective solutions. We think that our ideas and proposed solutions will help to our colleagues from other educational institution to build similar systems. The e-MCES system has been developed fully and is being implemented in some divisions of the University in staggered manner to test and validate the system developed. The result will be reported in near future.



The International Journal of Information Technology and Knowledge Management January-June 2011, Volume 4, No. 1, pp. 253-262
Abstract: The development of an effective, comprehensive, profound and inexpensive
e-Management Control and Evaluation System (e-MCES), which includes strategic, academic and financial planning, performance evaluation of all Academic and non-Academic staff is a challenging and time-consuming process. This paper describes some solutions, approaches and proposals of building such systems, which have been taken by the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech). This system arms Executives and Human Recourses (HR) personnel with ongoing, easy access to past performance data and can clearly indicate future milestones, achieving their targets, expectations and compensation rewards for each employee. It is extremely important that staff must be constantly aware of their progress as the expectations for their contributions evolve. From the other side, visibility to staff’s accomplishments and areas of weakness should be used by administrators to provide coaching and guidance to their Academic and non-Academic staff. Our web-based, on-demand solutions are comprehensive, easy-touse and may be affordable to educational institutions of different sizes. The e-MCES allows the institution to respond promptly to real-world challenges and opportunities that might impact upon its short and long-term strategies. This decision is based on our research and expertise vis-à-vis purchasing an off-the-shelf product. In [1, 2] we have already described some fragments of the e-MCES. However, we feel a responsibility to Academic Society to present solutions we have found during this investigation and to discuss some ideas. We hope this will be helpful to other institutions building similar systems independently or in collaboration with us.


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