The Monthly Newsletter of the University of Technology, Jamaica Vol. XV Issue 6 June2011

UTech Launches “Road to Olympic Glory” Campaign to Boost Development

President, Prof. the Hon. Errol Morrison, OJ (3rd left) unveils the calendar of activities officially launching UTech’s “Road to Olympic Glory: Preserving and Leading Jamaica’s Legacy in Sport” campaign.  The University’s planned activities leading up to the 2012 London Olympics was launched at a special ceremony held on Tuesday, May 31, 2011 at the Wyndham Hotel in New Kingston.  Sharing in the unveiling from left are Mr. Don Anderson, 1st Vice President, Jamaica Olympic Association, Dr. Colin Gyles, Dean, Faculty of Science and Sport, the Most Hon. Edward Seaga, ON, PC, Chancellor, Major Desmond Brown, General Manager, Independence Park Limited (partially hidden) and Mr. Anthony Davis, Director of Sport, UTech.

On Tuesday, June 1, 2011 the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech) officially launched its “Road to Olympic Glory” campaign geared at raising US$10 million to support the University’s development and to preserve its legacy in track and field leading up to the 2012 Olympics at a special ceremony held at the Wyndham Hotel, New Kingston.  A cross-section of members of the sports fraternity, corporate Jamaica and the media were on hand to support the University as it unveiled its plan to raise funds which will boost UTech’s capacity to provide scholarships, and to support the development of its sports programme and other areas. 


President bats for more corporate sponsorship

President, Prof. the Hon. Errol Morrison, OJ (at podium) speaking at the launch
of the UTech’s Road to Olympic Glory campaign geared at raising US$10 million to support the University’s development and to preserve its legacy in track and field leading up to the 2012 Olympics.

UTech’s President, Prof. the Hon. Errol Morrison, OJ, reiterated the institution’s vision to make its sports programme the best in the world.  In addressing the anticipated world class performance by our athletes at the 2012 Olympic Games, Prof. Morrison noted that, the University was serious about the support provided to its athletes. “Whilst we are stressing their performance, we are also very attentive to their academic achievements.”  This he said would ensure that they are equipped to support themselves at the end of their competitive years.     The President thanked those present for their support  and encouraged more corporate partners to come on board in collaborating with the institution to assist in the sustainability of its sports programme and the realization of its goals.

Support Needed for Student Athletes

Mr. Anthony Davis UTech’s Director of Sport in his presentation  pointed out that there are three main aspects of the University’s sports programme in need of assistance. “We need to improve the facilities, our ability to offer scholarships and our ability to provide a nutrition and medical programme for our athletes.”

“So how many gold medals do you predict for Jamaica in London 2012?”, seems to be a possible  question UTech’s Director of Sport, Mr. Anthony Davis (r) could be posing to Mr. Don Anderson (l), 1st Vice President of the Jamaica Olympic Association


The science of sport

Speaking of the successes Jamaica has achieved to date in athletics, Mr. Dennis Johnson, former Director of Sport and Adjunct Professor, UTech, stated that this was not coincidental. He said that our achievements have resulted from an  understanding of the scientific underpinnings of the sport and its practical applications to the development of proper techniques.   “Once you learn the biomechanics of something…there are going to be scientific principles that are involved”, he said convincingly.   Mr. Johnson further noted that if we adhere to the scientific principles involved in the sport, Jamaica’s continued success in track and field would be guaranteed for years to come.

Endorsed by the JOA

Mr. Don Anderson, 1st Vice President, Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) in his greetings said that the JOA fully endorses UTech’s campaign and congratulates the University on embarking on a programme to enhance its development.  He noted that the successes achieved by our athletes despite resource limitations is a tribute to their level of dedication, commitment and talent.

Major Desmond Brown, General Manager of Independence Park who brought greetings on behalf of Hon. Olivia Grange, Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, said that the Ministry is pleased with the focus that UTech is applying to the development of sports in Jamaica and applauds the thrust to sustain its momentum.


UTech/MVP Collaboration

Mr. Bruce James, President, MVP Track and Field Club

Mr. Bruce James, President of the MVP Track and Field Club in his remarks told the gathering that his dream to see Jamaica produce the best athletes in the world, who are trained locally, had been realised despite the odds.  He praised the strong alliance forged with UTech and other key individuals such as coaches Messrs. Paul and Stephen Francis for believing that this achievement could actually have been accomplished.  He emphasised that this would not have been possible without the hard work and commitment of the athletes, their love of the sport and their love of country.

During the ceremony special bursaries were made to each UTech student athlete who recently excelled at the 2011 Penn relays to assist them with their academic development.  The presentations were made by Chancellor, the Most. Hon. Eward Seaga, ON, PC.

Several UTech/MVP athletes were in attendance at the launch ceremony: Sherone Simpson, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Kaliese Spencer, Shericka Williams, Christine Day and Anneisha  McLaughlin, among others.


President Morrison (left) and Chancellor, Most Hon. Edward Seaga (centre) pose with UTech student athletes following presentation of bursaries.


UTech/MVP athletes (l-r) Shericka Francis, Sherone Simpson, Keliese Spencer, Christine Day and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce enjoying the tribute in song from crooner extraordinaire DiMario McDowell.
Mr. Ryland Campbell, President, Capital and Credit Merchant Bank (far right) shares a light-hearted moment with (l-r) Mr. David Mais, Chairman, Sports Development Foundation, Mr. Anthony Davis, Director of Sport and Rev. Dr. Devon Dick, Adjunct Professor, UTech.
Mrs. Jacqueline Knight-Campbell, Project Director of UTech’s Road to Olympic Glory campaing (l) share the spotlight with UTech athlete Mrs. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (centre) and Mr. DiMario McDowell, musician who performed at the launch ceremony.
Prof. Rosalea Hamilton, Vice President, Development, UTech (centre) greets Mrs. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (r).  Looking on is Mr. Ryland Campbell, President, Capital and Credit Merchant Bank.



UTech Scientific Conference Focuses on Bridging the Gap between Science and Sport

Prof. Yannis Pitsiladis, lecturer and researcher in the Faculty of Biomedical Life Sciences, University of Glasgow, UK, delivering his lecture titled,  “Genetic Technology and Sport: Focus on Genotyping, Genetic Tests and Selection” at the Inaugural International Science Conference of  the Faculty of Science and Sport, University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech) held at the Knutsford Court Hotel, Kingston June 8 – 9, 2011.

The Faculty of Science and Sport, University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech) successfully  hosted its inaugural international Scientific Conference from June 8-9, 2011 at the Knutsford Court Hotel under the theme, “Science, Technology and Sport: Bridging the gap between research and practice.”  

The conference provided a forum for discussion of new knowledge and research highlighting the important linkages between science, technology and sport and its relevance and capacity for generating greater economic benefits for Jamaica.

Dr. Debbie-Ann Gordon-Smith Acting Director of UTech’s Centre for Science-based Research, Entrepreneurship and Continuing Studies (CSRECS) makes a point during her presentation titled, “Nutrients in Jamaica’s Coastal Waters: Problem or not.”

The two-day forum attracted an impressive list of experts renowned locally and internationally for their research work in science and sport.  Among the speakers were Prof. Yannis Pitsiladis, lecturer and researcher in the Faculty of Biomedical Life Sciences, University of Glasgow, UK, acclaimed for his leading ongoing collaborative research examining why Jamaicans and East Africans run so fast.  He examined the relationship between genetic technology and sport, focusing on genotyping, genetic tests and selection.  Olivia Kelly Ann Rose (UWI) examined the efficacy of mental skills training in the preparation of athletes for optimal performance. Dr. Debbie-Ann Gordon-Smith, Acting Director of UTech’s Centre for Science-based Research, Entrepreneurship and Continuing Studies (CSRECS) gave a presentation on “Nutrients in Jamaica’s Coastal Waters: Problem or not.”  Other topics included the role of mathematical sciences in development and the art and science of teaching through an examination of case studies from across the Caribbean.  The conference was organized into two plenary lecturers and seven scientific sessions.

Representing the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Hon. Karl Samuda, was Permanent Secretary Reginald Budhan who  emphasized that Jamaica’s international fame in sports, tourism and music gives the country real competitive advantage and appealed therefore for the application of intellect, science and technology to foster continuous improvement in these areas.  “I want to applaud UTech for attempting to leverage science and technology to enhance sport and to help us to maintain our competitive advantage,” he said.

Mr. Haughton Watson, Executive Director of the Scientific Research Council (SRC) in his remarks questioned whether the demise of West Indies cricket has resulted from the inability to embrace science and technology as other nations have done.  He lamented the fact that not enough attention is being placed on the importance of biometric analysis, nutrition, diet and psychology in sports.  He commended UTech on its innovation in promoting the synergies between science, technology and sport.


“World Class is our standard”

Dean of the Faculty of Science and Sport, Dr. Colin Gyles in his opening remarks said that, “this conference is a direct product of the Faculty’s vision to be an internationally renowned centre of excellence for the development of science, technology and sport, incorporating teaching, research and service to the community.”  He told the gathering of scientists, engineers, academicians, private and public sector partners and students present, that while UTech is now renowned as “the home of world class athletes”, it is the intention of the Faculty of Science and Sport to spearhead the process of enabling UTech’s recognition as the “home of world class scientists.” 

Prof. the Hon. Errol Morrison, OJ, President, UTech, welcomes participants to the Faculty of Science and Sport Inaugural International Scientific Conference held from June 8-9, 2011. 

 President, Prof. the Hon. Errol Morrison, OJ in his welcome said that, “UTech is serious about sports and we intend to deal with it, not only from the performing angle, but from the understanding angle,” emphasizing that when we look at achievement in sport we must examine three main areas, “the genetics, the dietetics and the calisthenics.”  Prof. Morrison heaped praises on legendary Olympian Dennis Johnson who built the foundation and established the structured sports programme at UTech.  He urged the historians and others present to “study the man, get into his headspace” to examine all that has gone into creating excellence.

Vice President for Graduate Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship, Prof. Gossett Oliver, expressed satisfaction with the progress of the Faculty of Science
and Sport in propelling the University’s research agenda.  “FOSS really understands the synergy between Faculty and the School of Graduate Studies Research and Entrepreneurship,” he said.

Genotyping and Sport

Prof. Yannis Pitsiladis’ lecture focused on genotyping, genetic tests and selection.  He examined the tenets of talent identification in sport; the efficacy of sports gene tests and the attendant ethical considerations.

Prof. Pitsiladis cautioned that evidence suggests that talent identification programmes that seek to identify young athletes who possess extraordinary potential for success in senior elite sport are only modestly successful.  “The process of talent identification for team sports is complex and success prediction is also very imperfect,” he cautioned. 

Turning to what makes up the perfect elite performance athlete, Prof. Pitsiladis argued that the contributing factors are environmental, cultural, positive experience with coach, enjoyment of sport, practice and genetic factors such as family history, biological example, body traits suited to the sport as well as psychological and emotional factors, such as motivation to train, competitive spirit and focus.  The world renowned scientist however, hastened to point out that, “there is no genetic evidence that white men can’t jump or that black men can’t swim.  Genetic studies from Kenya and Ethiopia and elite sprinters from Jamaica, USA and Nigeria do not find that these athletes possess a unique genetic makeup.”

Prof. Pitsiladis’ research is being done in collaboration with UTech’s President, Prof. the Hon. Errol Morrison, OJ, Dr. Neville Graham, Head, Caribbean School of Sports Sciences, UTech, Ms. Velma Charlton, Mr. Rupert Hoilette, Ms. Rachel Irving and Mr. Michael Fray.

Conference sponsors were Waters Technologies, BCB Scientific Sales and Services, CARISCIENCE, ATL Motors and ATL Jamaica, Bureau of Standards Jamaica, Garbage Disposal and Sanitation Systems Limited, Navarties, Farmer Logistics, National Foundation for the Development of Science and Technology, Agilent Technologies, Post Post Ads Limited, the Gleaner Company Ltd. and Analogic Solutions.


An animated Prof. Yannis Pitsiladis, Scientist, (left) has the rapt attention of UTech’s Deputy President, Prof. Ashok Kulkarni (right).  Also sharing in the moment is President Morrison (centre).

Dean of the Faculty of Science and Sport, Dr. Colin Gyles (left) listens to Mr. Dennis Johnson (right) Adjunct Associate Professor, Caribbean School of Sports Sciences during the conference.


Sponsors’ Display Booths



An Emotional Farewell to Dr. Eslyn Jones


Mrs. Dianne Mitchell, Vice President, Students Services and University Registrar (r) presents a self portrait surrounded by collage of signatures from well wishers to Dr. Eslyn Jones (l), retiring Assistant Registrar, Student Services, UTech at a farewell dinner held in her honour on Wednesday, June 29, 2011 at the Hotel Four Seasons in Kingston.


A very emotional evening unfolded on Wednesday, June 29, 2011 as members of the Division of Student Services and Registry, as well as students and staff from the wider UTech community, came together to say farewell to beloved Assistant Registrar, Student Services, Dr. Eslyn Jones.  A special dinner and ceremony was held at the Four Seasons Hotel for Dr. Jones on the occasion of her retirement as she ends her sixteen (16) years of distinguished service to UTech and returns to her homeland, the Bahamas.
The proceedings were kept going by Master of Ceremonies Mrs. Mercedes Deane, Senior Assistant Registrar – Academic Affairs, who kept the audience laughing heartily as she revealed a host of anecdotal and hilarious moments from their working relationship and close friendship over the years.  Tributes came in the form of song, dub poetry and speech. The evening came to a climatic high with a surprise guest performance by singing sensation, and UTech Business and Management student, Christopher Martin.  Dr. Jones beamed with delight as she was serenaded with a medley of hit songs by one of her favourite singers.  These included popular singles such as ‘Giving it’, ‘I’ll be Your Driver’ and ‘Take My Love’.

Mrs. Dorsett Gabbidon-Pottinger who is set to act in the vacant post left by Dr. Jones, thanked everyone for coming to reflect on the extensive contributions made by the Assistant Registrar, during her over a decade and a half years of service to the University of Technology, Jamaica.

Speaking on behalf of President, Prof. the Hon. Errol Morrison, OJ, Dr. Geraldene Hodelin said that Mrs. Jones is well-respected, by her comrades, due to “her leadership, her vision, her solution oriented approach and most importantly, her people oriented skills” and that, by extension, she would remain as a “valued member of the UTech family”.
Mrs. Dianne Mitchell, Vice President, Student Services and University Registrar praised Dr. Jones for her commitment to student welfare and for her leadership in introducing a number of student initiatives including, the First Year Experience Programme, Peer Counselling, Mentoring programme in High Schools and for her signature work with the organisation of logistics related to Graduation and other University ceremonies.  “There are some people whose work speak loudly for them,” quipped Mrs. Mitchell, emphasising that Dr. Jones has been a good friend and support who is always respectful, which evoked concurring nods by all present.


Mrs. Patricia Eves-McKenzie (at podium) Senior Counsellor, UTech, delivers an emotional farewell from the Department of Student Services to Dr. Eslyn Jones (seated right at table). 

An emotional and profound tribute was delivered by Senior University Counsellor, Mrs. Patricia Eves-McKenzie who spoke on behalf of the entire Student Services staff.  She noted that Dr. Jones created an environment that was not only good for the students but, also for the staff.  Describing her as an “inspiration”, Mrs. Eves-McKenzie said, “causing the students’ delight is what she wanted...she respected people and caused people to do well,” she noted with pride.

Students’ Union President, Miss Jheanell Johnson(r) bids Dr. Eslyn Jones farewell.

A tribute in the form of a personalised poem came from Administrative Support, Mrs. Camilla Allen–Barker.  While Students’ Union President, Jheanell Johnson, praised Dr. Jones as a woman of “immense wisdom”, recalling the advice Dr. Jones gave her which helped her to adjust to difficult demands in her first few days of her taking up office.   Additionally, she presented a hilarious powerpoint reflecting on some happy moments Dr. Jones spent in the company of students on their annual leadership training programme.

The citation to Dr. Jones, written by University Orator, Mrs. Pamela Kelly, was read by Mr. Craig McNally, University Counsellor.  The citation lauded her for “her ability to motivate (her staff) to work together which made it possible to meet important deadlines and implement new visions while celebrating each small success as the Division grew”. He went on to describe her as being ‘patient’ and ‘empathetic’ which, he stated, made her respond to “a wide variety of student concerns, issues and challenges from orientation to graduation and all the stages in between”.

In her response Dr. Jones said she was “truly overwhelmed.”  She said she enjoyed working at UTech and was grateful to members of the University community for embracing her and changing her life.  She urged the students present to use the avenues of communication available through the student services. “Go straight to Student Services before going anywhere else,” she urged.

Dr. Jones you will be missed.  Walk good.

Pictorial Highlights

Miss Susan Brodber of the Office of the Registrar, thoughtfully signs the drawing of Dr. Eslyn Jones.
Surprise guest artist, singing sensation and UTech Business and Management student, Mr. Christopher Martin, serenades Dr. Eslyn Jones with his lyrical prowess. Dr. Eslyn Jones poses with members of staff of the Division of Student Services and Registry.
Tribute in song:  Dr. Jones (seated, right) enjoys the musical selections from Ms. Sophia Burns, Undergraduate Admissions Assistant (left) and Mrs. Garcia Green-McLennon (centre).



UTech Receives $40 Million Software Grant from Siemens PLM Software to Develop Next Generation Engineering and Manufacturing Talent


Ms. Erica Simmons, (3rd left) Global Marketing Manager, Energy and Utilities, Industry & Vertical Communication, Siemens Industry Sector poses with from left, Miss Jhanelle Johnson, Students’ Union President, UTech, Prof. the Hon. Errol Morrison, OJ, President, UTech and Mrs. Charmaine DeLisser, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Computing, UTech following discussions related to the collaboration with UTech and Siemens on June 14, 2011.
Mr. Francoise Lee, Managing Director of Leecorp Ltd, Siemens local representative, congratulates Prof. the Hon. Errol Morrison, OJ, President, UTech (centre) and Mrs. Charmaine DeLisser, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Computing (right) on receiving the Siemens PLM Grant.

The University of Technology Jamaica (UTech), has received an in-kind software grant with a commercial value of $38.85 million USD from   Siemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Siemens Industry Automation Division and a leading global provider of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software and services.  The grant will be used to enrich the engineering curriculum and will also be used to support a community relations initiative designed to form engineering partnerships with the secondary schools.  The software grant represents one of the largest grants that the university has received to date. 

The in-kind grant includes Siemens PLM Software’s digital product development and digital manufacturing suites which will be used to provide training for students and will help deliver Jamaica’s vision to be recognized by the United Nations as a Developed Nation by 2030.  The software grants will also be used to support research and development initiatives in the areas of renewable power generation in Wind and Solar.
“This software grant will deliver many benefits to the University and Jamaica.  In addition to being used in the School of Engineering, we are exploring other uses of the technology around our campus.  We are also looking forward to participating in the Digital YardTM initiative which will allow us to continue to develop our community relations program with secondary schools on the island.  ” said Mrs. Charmaine DeLisser, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering & Computing”

Commenting on the sizable grant Mrs. DeLisser continued, “We are pleased to have such an industry leader and innovator as Siemens as our partner. As the main provider of Engineering Education in Jamaica, our students are employed in all the local industries and also take up job positions overseas.  Competence in the use of SIEMENS PLM will allow our students to not only raise the standard of the practice of Engineering in Jamaica, but will also give them and the organizations in which they work the opportunity to leverage their knowledge and technological skills for competitive advantage internationally.”

She noted also that, “The UTech/Siemens partnership will provide Jamaican industries with a pool of highly skilled and proficient engineering designers, developers and planners with all the analytical skills and tools needed to foster and drive creativity and innovation.  The collaborative tools will enable designers to work with counterparts anywhere in the world on a design projects, reversing some of the effects of the brain drain.  It will unleash the spirit of innovation.”


Potential for Product Commercialization
Reflecting on advanced capabilities of the software, she stated “the Siemens suite of software will significantly boost the School of Engineering’s capacity to utilize first-world, cutting-edge technology and best practices in the delivery of programmes.  It will support the delivery of modules such as Manufacturing Processes, Design for Manufacturing, Advanced Engineering Design, Global Manufacturing Strategy, Modern Production Technology, CAS/CAM/CAE, Process Engineering, Plant Engineering, Mechantronic Systems, Strength of Materials, Automation, Production Management and Engineering Enterprise Planning.”

Francoise Lee of Lee Corp Ltd, Siemens local representative added, “In this new development platform, students will be able to work collaboratively to complete projects, including capstone projects and international projects.  It will also help to leapfrog the Faculty’s research thrust, spawn innovations and the ability to move projects from prototypes to commercial products.”

GO PLM Program
Siemens PLM Software’s GO PLM™ initiative leads the industry in the commercial value of the in-kind grants it provides and brings together four complementary community involvement programs focused on academic partnership, regional productivity, youth and displaced worker development and the PACE (Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering Education) program. GO PLM provides PLM technology to more than one million students annually at nearly 10,300 global institutions, where it is used at every academic level – from grade schools to graduate engineering research programs. For more information on GO PLM and the partners and programs it supports visit

About Siemens PLM Software

Siemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Siemens Industry Automation Division, is a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services with 6.7 million licensed seats and more than 69,500 customers worldwide. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Siemens PLM Software works collaboratively with companies to deliver open solutions that help them turn more ideas into successful products. For more information on Siemens PLM Software products and services, visit

About the Siemens Industry Automation Division

Siemens Industry Automation Division (Nuremberg, Germany) is a worldwide leader in the fields of automation systems, industrial controls and industrial software. Its portfolio ranges from standard products for the manufacturing and process industries to solutions for whole industrial sectors that encompass the automation of entire automobile production facilities and chemical plants. As a leading software supplier, Industry Automation optimizes the entire value added chain of manufacturers – from product design and development to production, sales and a wide range of maintenance services. With around 33,000 employees worldwide (September 30), Siemens Industry Automation achieved sales of €6.2 billion in fiscal year 2010.


Participants in the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech)/Caribbean Research  and Innovation Management Association (CabRIMA) workshop in research and innovation management held on Tuesday, May 31 and Wednesday, June 1, 2011at the Joan Duncan School of Ethics and Leadership, UTech.


The University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech) and the recently established Caribbean Research and Innovation Management Association (CabRIMA) hosted a two day training on Tuesday, May 31 and Wednesday, June 1.

The event, held in the Conference room of the Joan Duncan School of Entrepreneurship, Ethics and Leadership at UTech, was attended by 25 representatives from a range of academic and government research and innovation organizations in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. The workshop was designed to build professional capacity for the management of research and innovation activities. The event is part of an international project, in which UTech is one of nine partners in Africa, Europe and the Caribbean. The project is for “The Improvement of Research & Innovation management capacity in Africa and the Caribbean for the successful stimulation and dissemination of research results [RIMI4AC].”  The RIMI4AC project is funded at € 2.6 million under the Science and Technology Programme of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States [ACP] with support from the European Union.

The specific objective of this project is to strengthen the capacity of research institutions in the regions for sustainability, to effectively manage research and innovation activities, and to improve dialogue between researchers and policy makers, to inform evidence based national and regional policies feeding into the regional sustainable development agendas of the five regions
A major outcome of the RIMI4AC project for the Caribbean is the formation of a Caribbean Research & Innovation Management Association [CabRIMA], which was launched October 2010 in Kingston during the Caribbean Conference for RIMI4AC.
The two-day training workshop in research and innovation management was conducted by Dr. Frank Heemskerk, a Biomedical Scientist turned Research and Innovation Manager and the CEO of Research & Innovation Management Services (RIMS) which operates out of Belgium. His company, RIMS, is a project partner.
The workshop covered the following key areas:

  • Making the most of International Cooperation Research Funding
  • Success factors: looking through the eyes of an evaluator
  • Research project management
  • Intellectual property management  and commercial exploitation
  • Financial management, administration and reporting
  • Building research teams and networks : discussion session

Participants in the workshop who have been certified in research and innovation management speak highly of the event.  Ms. Shelly-Ann Hunte, from the Caribbean Health Research Council (CHRC in Trinidad & Tobago) says, “the information acquired during the workshop is invaluable to CHRC and will definitely be incorporated into our presentations for the “Grant Proposal Writing Workshops” we conduct in our Caribbean member countries.

Ms. Lauren Boodhoo from University of the West Indies, St. Augustine is of the view that “the workshop has provided very useful guidance and tips, not just in respect of EU-funded grants, but on research management in general.”  She says, “This information will be shared with colleagues at the UWI, St Augustine.”  Ms Indira Jagassar, also from the UWI, St. Augustine, says “the workshop has definitely provided new knowledge. It met the exact needs of the effort to manage research and is hoped to help the research culture.”

Young Researchers Propose Designs for Alternate Energy sources derived from indigenous materials

Engineering students, Mr. Richard Edwards (l), University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech),  Ms. Molly Sousa (c) and Javier Sanchez (r), Armstrong Atlantic State University (AASU), emerged winners of the joint UTech/AASU four week competition to develop a conceptual design of an unconventional residential air conditioning system, using alternative energy, minerals and processes.  Making the presentation of US$200 and a gift basket on behalf of sponsor, BARCO Caribbean Limited is Dr. Paul Campbell, Lecturer, School of Engineering, UTech.

A combined group of eleven students from the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech) and Armstrong Atlantic State University (AASU), Savannah, Georgia, USA collaborated on a four week design competition from May 30 to June 24, 2011 to develop an inexpensive and environmentally friendly “conceptual design of an unconventional residential air conditioning system, using alternative energy, minerals and processes.” The project was organized and led by Dr. Cameron Coates, Interim Coordinator, Engineering Studies Programme, AASU, who said that the exercise was also to “facilitate cultural awareness and an appreciation of diverse idea generation, as well as technical and soft skill enhancement.”  Dr. Maurice Fletcher, Programme Director of UTech’s Industrial Engineering Programme facilitated the arrangements for UTech’s involvement.

The competition culminated in a presentation of the designs held on Thursday, June 23 at the UTech Papine campus.  Each group, which consisted of students from both nationalities, examined construction techniques for a residential air conditioning unit which made use of materials from Jamaica’s natural environment.  These included potential uses of the following indigenous materials; alumina, gypsum, limestone and the bamboo plant.  The materials were suggested based on their cost effectiveness, fabrication techniques and impact on the natural environment. 

The many uses of the bamboo plant featured prominently in all the presentations citing it as one of the fastest growing plants and hence has great potential as a renewable energy source.  Among the potential uses suggested were the construction of a special fabric to be utilized as part of the unconventional system’s cooling mechanism and; the reinforcement of its pulp with resin to provide a sturdy casing for the unit.  These suggestions however were not without limitations and would need to be further analysed.

Each group was judged based on the quality, creativity and feasibility of their design.  Dr. Coates noted that the next phase would be the development of the winning design with the potential for the system becoming an excellent alternative for Jamaican households.


Pictorial highlights

Dr. Cameron Coates (far left), Interim Coordinator of the Engineering Studies Programme , AASU, Savannah, Georgia confer with members of the judges panel (seated at table l-r), Dr. Earle Wilson, Lecturer, Mr. Cleveland Gustard, Technologist  and Dr. Paul Campbell, Lecturer of the School of Engineering, UTech.

Second place winners of US $150 and gift basket from BARCO Caribbean Ltd. are (l-r) Messrs. Jelani Edwards (UTech), Bertram Fearon (UTech), Mark Newman (UTech) and Justin English (AASU).  Making the presentation is Mr. Cleveland Gustard, Technologist, School of Engineering, UTech.

Dr. Earl Wilson (far right), Lecturer, School of Engineering, UTech presents third place winners (l-r) - Andre Larmond, Sherefa Leslie and Khalil Howell, UTech Engineering students with their gift basket and US$100 donated by Barco Caribbean Limited.

Fourth place winner, Malik Eubanks (l), AASU is congratulated by Dr. Cameron Coates.  Malik also receives US$50.
Students at work on their designs




New UTech’s Students’ Union President Promises Real Improvements.....says tackling students’ issues a priority


Jhanelle Johnson set to improve transparency in student government

Miss Jhanelle Johnson, the new President of the Students’ Union at the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech), who assumed office on April 11, 2011, describes herself as “the voice in the wilderness”, ready to undertake the mission of protecting the rights of the student body - the constituent whom elected her to serve.  “There is an unexplained inkling that forces me to rise up and be the voice of the students.....”, she says.  An effervescent and passionate individual, Jhanelle takes the responsibility of student leader quite seriously and is grateful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity, a position she had been aspiring to since she began her sojourn  at UTech in 2008 when she began reading for her Bachelor of Science degree in Computing.

Plan of action
She is quick to point out that she is not about to reinvent the wheel but to build on the successful track record of her predecessor, Temard Butterfield, whom she praises for his exceptional leadership.   As President, Jhanelle intends to concentrate her energies on increasing community service awareness, improving communication between the University’s administration and students, the reform of higher education funding, and examining student policies for improved transparency and the quality of student life. 

In addition to the Students’ Union’s flagship programmes, which she points out already exist to support these areas, she would like the entity to become more proactive in their discourse on issues of national importance especially those affecting the youth and their access to tertiary education.  She has a desire   to see more support from corporate Jamaica to provide assistance in the form of scholarships, grants and sponsorships. Additionally, the new Students’ Union President has plans to revive the dormant UTech Radio Broadcast programme “UTech Live – You take your issues, UTech will address them.” This initiative she said would improve communication as well as garner feedback from the student body.

 A past student of the Wolmer’s Girls and St. Jago High Schools, Jhanelle is currently in the final year of the BSc in Computing, majoring in Enterprise Systems in the School of Computing and Information Technology (SCIT).  She also sees a career in criminal law in her future.  For now however, Jhanelle Johnson is ready to turn her campaign promises into action and produce an active and engaged student governing body to represent UTech’s undergraduates.

UTech lecturer Receives Fulbright Scholarship to pursue studies in Sustainable Tourism


Hanan Ghanoum (centre), Deputy Public Affairs Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Kingston with the 2011/2012 batch of Fulbright grantees (from left) Dr. Kevin Harvey, Gillian Jackson, Claudine Anderson, Dr. Loraine Cook, Haeni Young, Pauline Milwood, Gaunette Sinclair-Maragh, Tanya Beckford, and Ricardo Sandcroft at a pre-departure seminar held recently.

The University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech) congratulates Mrs. Gaunette Sinclair-Maragh, Lecturer in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management was among ten Jamaicans who were awarded scholarships under the 2011/2012 Fulbright and Humphrey Fellowship grantees programme.  Mrs. Sinclair-Maragh will pursue her PhD in Sustainable Tourism Development at Washington State University, USA commencing in August 2011.

The Fulbright Program is the largest and one of the most prestigious educational exchange programs of the U.S. State Department.  It includes the following programs: The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship; the Fulbright/LASPAU (Latin American Scholarship Program of American Universities) Faculty Development Program; the Fulbright Graduate Student Program; the Fulbright Visiting Research Scholar Program; and the Fulbright NEXUS Scholar Program for Western Hemisphere.



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