UTech, Ja - Summary of Undergraduate Courses of Study

FACULTY OF SCIENCE AND SPORT School of Natural and Applied Sciences DISCLAIMER: The amounts quoted for fees in this brochure are the existing fees “per school/department” for the Academic Year 2021/2022 and are subject to changes based on variation in the number of credits assigned to the course of study and the cost per credit at the time of delivery (see page 22 for details) UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE: (UBSAPSCFXU1A/B) Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Applied Science with a major in: - Environmental Science - Forensic Chemistry - Industrial & Analytical Chemistry UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE: (UBSSCEDFXU1A/B) Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Science and Education with major/minor in:· - Biology minor Chemistry - Biology minor Mathematics - Biology minor Physics - Chemistry minor Biology - Chemistry minor Mathematics - Chemistry minor Physics - Mathematics minor Biology - Mathematics minor Chemistry - Mathematics minor Physics - Physics minor Biology - Physics minor Chemistry - Physics minor Mathematics 5 CSEC/GCE O-Level passes including English Language, Mathematics and at least 2 science subjects and 1 other subject. Chemistry and Biology would be an asset. An interview may be required. 5 CSEC/GCE O-Level passes: English Language, Mathematics, 2 Science subjects and 1 other subject. An interview may be required Scientists, TechnologistsEnvironmental Specialists, Analytical ChemistsForensic Chemist, Quality Control Officer, Industrial Chemists, Chemical Technician, Evironmental lad technician Teacher at the secondary and higher level, Trainer in Human Resource Departments, Numeracy Specialists for Schools in the Ministry of Education (MOE), Education Officers in MOE, Ministry of Education School inspector- (NEI) National Education Inspectorate in MOE $391,900 $402,300 $448,200 $470,700 $402,300 $459,300 $437,400 $402,300 $423,300 $448,200 $462,300 $458,700 $470,700 19 4 4 FACULTY OF THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT Caribbean School of Architecture UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE: (UBAARSTFXU1) Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies (BAAS) 5 CSEC/GCE O-Level passes including English Language, Mathematics and 3 other approved subjects. Having satisfied the first criteria and based on the number of applicants, persons may be called for an interview where applicants are required to carry a portfolio of the minimum of ten (10) pieces of their best creative work. NB. All Early Bird and Overseas applicants are to submit a Digital (PDF) Portfolio with application Architect’s Assistant, Architectural Photographer, Art/Creative Director, Digital Illustrator, Artist, Furniture Designer, Graphic Artist/Designer, Set Designer, Building Officer/Inspector $533,800 4 Please note: The Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies (BAAS) is an extremely competitive programme. Mathematics and English Language are compulsory subjects for acceptance. The three (3) other subjects may be in any of the following disciplines: Sciences, Visual Arts, Humanities or Technical. All applicants with tertiary level qualifications should submit a transcript. Course of Study and Code Estimated Tuition for Level 1 for AY 2021/22 JA$ General Undergraduate Entry Requirements 2022/2023 CSEC (CXC) passes at General Proficiency Grades 1, 2 & 3; (Grade 3 is acceptable from the June 1998 sitting), or GCE O-Level passes at Grade A, B, C or equivalent qualifications. Other technical examination qualifications will be assessed on an individual basis. Or Matriculation via Prior Learning Assessment (see page 23) Career Opportunities (This list is not exhaustive) Prescribed Duration (Years) Codes ending with A – August intake Codes ending with B – January intake Codes ending with C – Summer only