UTech, Ja - Summary of Undergraduate Courses of Study

FEES All fees are charged on a per credit basis, and the cost per credit differs in each School/Department. The cost per credit may also differ within the programme of a School/ Department. Tuition fee is estimated based on the modules selected and the cost per credit of the School/Department where the module is delivered. Some modules attract a laboratory fee of $20,000 per Semester. The final cost may vary based on a student’s selection. Prospective students should therefore clarify the fees before making any final financial arrangement. Tuition Fees for the Academic year 2022/2023 will not be available until May 2022. In the interim, the existing tuition cost quoted in this booklet can form the basis for projecting the upcoming fees by adding an additional 10% increase on the existing per credit rates. Kindly note however, that the University reserves the right to change fees and credits at any given time and quotes given in the brochures are not final fees. Ancillary charges for Academic Year 2021/2022 $2,200 Students’ Union Dues $2,500 $3,000 $18,000 $3,000 $28,700 Student Welfare Fund Health Fee Jam Copy Tariff Registration Total Note: 1) Cost for exam is now included in the tuition. 22 Schools Cost per credit JA$ Joan Duncan School of Entrepreneurship, Ethics & Leadership $11,200 School of Business Administration $11,200 School of Hospitality & Tourism Management $12,900 Caribbean School of Nursing $11,700 School of Allied Health & Wellness $11,200 School of Pharmacy $12,600 School of Oral Sciences $12,550 School of Public Health & Health Technology $10,945 School of Humanities & Social Sciences $8,900 School of Technical & Vocational Education $8,800 School of Computing & Information Technology $11,800 School of Engineering $12,600 Faculty of Law $17,600 Caribbean School of Sports Sciences $8,800 School of Mathematics & Statistics $11,700 School of Natural & Applied Sciences $12,000 Caribbean School of Architecture $16,800 School of Building & Land Management $12,300 Programmes with Different Cost per Credit School of Humanities & Social (BA Communication Arts and Technology) $12,400 Caribbean School of Nursing (Post RN BSc in Critical Care) $19,600 School of Oral Sciences (Doctor of Medical Dentistry) $35,250 School of Building & Land Management (BSc in Construction Management) $13,300 Cost per Credit by School for Academic Year 2021/22