Master of Science in Sustainable Energy and Climate Change

The Masters of Science in Sustainable Energy and Climate Change degree is a response to the global drivers for sustainable development linked to energy and climate change solution. This degree is also consistent with global trends for carbon economic growth, innovation and green business development.

Course of Study

Graduate Degree: (PMSSECCFTU1) Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Sustainable Energy and Climate Change in collaboration with the Caribbean Sustainable Energy and Innovation Institute (CSEII)

Normal Duration

20 months

Cost Per Course of Study

JA$1,600,000 or CARICOM US$18,000 or Extra-CARICOM US$21,000


Bachelor’s degree with a GPA of at least 2.7 in one of the following disciplines: (a) Built Environment or (b)Engineering or (c) Natural Sciences or related disciplines, or An undergraduate degree in any other discipline plus (three years) relevant work experience in a related energy or climate change field, or Candidates with significant work experience (five years or more); at a management level in the built environment, engineering or energy sectors; disaster preparedness and mitigation, or environmental management will also be considered, subject to prior learning assessment and an interview to determine aptitude for graduate level work. All applicants will be interviewed

Career Opportunities

Policy development and analysis specializing in Energy and Climate Change, Energy demand forecasting and low carbon development, Energy Management, Renewable Energy developers, Climate Change Specialists, Disaster risk managers, Sustainable urban planners and developers, Sustainable Transportation Planners, Green business entrepreneurs