AVP’s Message

Associate Vice President- Sustainable Energy Head, Caribbean Sustainable Energy and Innovation Institute

We welcome you to your on line connection with the Caribbean Sustainable Energy and Innovation Institute (CSEII). The Institute is dedicated to sustainable growth and development through our academic programmes, research agenda, consultancies, and outreach, local and international networks.  Established unanimously by the University of Technology Jamaica Council in June 2014, the Institute is a distinctive place for innovation, entrepreneurship,self-actualization and community action in the Sustainable Energy Climate Change nexus. Our people centered, planet sensitive mantra is geared towards propelling intra and inter-generational relevance as we seek to provide energy/climate solutions which will be transformative based on the principles of sustainable development and the University’s core values of Respect, Accountability, Integrity, Service, Excellence Innovation and Team Spirit.

The CSEII is conscious of the need to operate across disciplines although it has four (4) areas of discrete focus:

1. Education and Public Outreach

The Institute provides training and development in a number of areas related to sustainable energy, Climate Change, Innovation and Green Business development.  The Master of Science in Sustainable Energy and Climate is our flagship course and was conceived out of the need to create an equipped and capable work force to readily deal with climate change impacts and sustainable energy systems in an effort towards addressing local and global sustainable development issues. The course is currently offered by the CSEII through the Faculty of the Built Environment. Short courses, workshops and seminars are done based on market demand for professional continuation studies.  CSEII participates in continuous capacity building activities, complementing our outreach which is channeled mainly through the University’s Community Service Programme, the hosting of exhibitions and public lectures. 

2. Special Projects and Consultancies

The CSEII pursues consultancy opportunities and assemble teams of local, regional and international experts aimed at building Industry-Academia collaboration to find solutions in sustainable energy and climate change.  The Institute bids for National and Regional projects aimed at increasing UTech, Jamaica’s income stream from energy and climate chance related subjects while enhancing the University’s share in consultancy services. 

3. Research, Development and Innovation

Collaborating with academic units and industry leaders to strengthen industry-sponsored research and innovation the Institute’s aim is to develop creative sustainable solutions and energy innovation in order to position UTech, Ja. as a leader in energy action.  We aim to expand our contribution to national development by investigating secure and sustainable energy solutions to reduce dependency on expensive and environmentally damaging fossil fuel. International collaboration with other academic and research institutions, development agencies and individuals is essential to advancing this research agenda.   Our objective is to facilitate the creation of new products and start-ups.

4. Cost Savings

In an effort to support the University’s financial success, cost containment is an essential complement to income generation.  The cost of utilities at the University has been challenging with energy being at the top. The University established a Cost Savings Committee to address this with representatives from the Facilities Management Department, Finance and Accounting, Security and the Faculty of the Built Environment.  This Committee is chaired by the Head of the CSEII.

We welcome your engagement as a potential student, researcher, energy entrepreneur, a client of our specialised training and services we offer, such as energy efficiency, energy management, renewable and sustainable technologies and innovations, climate resilience, research projects or even to dialogue with us on solutions for the future. We value your engagement and look forward to hearing from you.


Dr Ruth Potopsingh

Associate Vice President- Sustainable Energy

Head, Caribbean Sustainable Energy and Innovation Institute