Manuscript Preparation And Submission

The manuscript must be prepared and submitted with strict adherence to the following basic guidelines:

  1. The manuscript should be written in standard, grammatically correct English with either British or American spelling consistently used with no mixing of the two and avoiding latinizations as far as possible. The Press will not undertake extensive corrections of language and will return manuscripts needing such corrections. Author(s) should hire an editor before submission of the manuscript, if necessary.
  2. Use of the Jamaican language for special effects in small amounts is acceptable
  3. Style sheets are easily available on the Internet. The manuscript must use one style consistently.
  4. The Manuscript must include a Table of Contents
  5. If the book is formally referenced, the referencing style of the subject area must be consistently used and which style is used indicated in a note to the Editor
  6. A Preface should be provided for the book
  7. Formatting must be kept as simple as possible
  8. The manuscript must be word processed using a conventional font at the default size for that font
  9. If a chapter has more than one level of sub-headings these must be differentiated (by size, degree of indentation, underlining, etc)
  10.  The manuscript should be spaced 1.5 or 2.0
  11.  The manuscript should be submitted as a single Word document without any illustrative material. All illustrative material: figures, tables, drawings, photographs, etc, must be saved and submitted as separate files, with placement indicated by annotation within both the manuscript and the files of illustrative material. [A bracketed] sequentially numbered ‘callout’ in the manuscript should be used to indicate placement for each item of illustrative material.
  12.   All illustrations must be given a caption, and source fully indicated if not originally created
  13.  The manuscript should be completely free of all Track Changes or other comments and annotations
  14.   A word count must be provided for the main manuscript without the illustrations
  15.  The completed manuscript must be delivered to the University of Technology, Jamaica Press both on a computer storage device such as a USB (thumb) drive and as two hardcopy printouts of the material exactly as it is on the storage device

 An Index list of ALL keywords chapter by chapter, if agreed between Press and author(s), must be submitted along with the manuscript as a separate file. See Indexing.