About the Faculty

Brief History

The period 1998 – 2007 was characterized as one of dynamic growth and development for the Faculty of Engineering and Computing. Within the ambit of the new Academic Development and Strategic Plan in 1998, UTech was reorganized into five Faculties and emerging from the rationalization of the university’s academic and administrative units, the Faculty of Engineering and Computing (FENC) became an entity.

The former Engineering Department and Computer Studies Department were consolidated into one faculty, restructured according to the concept of the programme as the basic academic unit and the faculty as the basic administrative unit, and renamed School of Engineering (SOE) and School of Computing and Information Technology (SCIT) respectively.

The university also adopted a 4-yr university wide degree programme structure and a student-centred learning philosophy. The implementation of these new paradigms led to a period of transition and adjustment in the faculty that resulted in a series of important changes.


Faculty Today


  • Our mission is to build an education and training framework that responds to local and regional needs by:
  • Promoting excellence in staff, students and graduates.
  • Emphasizing quality in teaching and research.
  • Developing relevant curricula based on student-centred learning concepts.
  • Fostering innovative use of technology in teaching methods and laboratory exercises.
  • Maintaining a strong commitment to research, service and teamwork.
  • Developing applied research projects for industrial renewal.
  • Building collaboration with engineering and computing training Institutions locally and internationally.


The vision of the Faculty of Engineering & Computing is to be the preferred partner in providing education and training for engineering and computing scholarship in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

The Faculty of Engineering & Computing (FENC) comprises the following:

  1. School of Engineering
  2. School of Computing and Information Technology
FENC admits students from a wide range of academic background to pursue specially designed programmes aimed at providing quality education at various levels in the following areas:

  1. Agricultural & Biological Engineering
  2. Animation & Production Development
  3. Chemical Engineering
  4. Civil Engineering
  5. Computing
  6. Computer Information System
  7. Computer Networking and Security
  8. Electrical Engineering
  9. Industrial Engineering
  10. Mechanical Engineering
It is the second largest such faculty in the Caribbean region and it is also the second largest faculty within the University of Technology, Jamaica