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How does UTech, Ja.'s Co-op Ed Programme differ from a Typical Work Experience

Co-operative EducationWork Experience

Co-op Ed students are placed/attached for a defined period of usually between 240 to 480 hours, with a few exceptions. In some instances there are multiple attachments as a part of the course design.

There is no defined period for work experience. This is usually a single one-off experience with a company.

Co-op Ed students are placed in professional work environments and tasks performed are mainly related to their respective course of study and career goals.

Work experience is not necessarily linked to students' academic course of study or career goals. Tasks done are usually very general.

Co-op Ed modules are generally for academic credit.

Work Experience is not necessarily a requirement for academic programmes.

Students are supervised and evaluated by both faculty and an on-site supervisor.

There is typically unstructured supervision of students. Student evaluation is not mandatory.