Caribbean Research & Innovation Management Association (CabRIMA)

Background to the Formation of CabRIMA

A major outcome of the project The Improvement of Research & Innovation management capacity in Africa and the Caribbean for the successful stimulation and dissemination of research results [RIMI4AC]” for the Caribbean is the formation of a Caribbean Research & Innovation Management Association [CabRIMA], which was launched October 2010 inKingston during the Caribbean Conference for RIMI4AC.  The necessity of establishing such an Association had been expressed before, but funding was identified as a major inhibitor to its formation.  Fortunately, however, an opportunity to access funding for establishing CabRIMA occurred in 2009 when the RIMI4AC project received funding from the EU-ACP’s Science and Technology Programme.


The Caribbean Research and Innovation Management Association (CabRIMA) is the professional body for research and innovation management practitioners in the Caribbean region.


As part of the Global Research Management Network, CabRIMA will be the premier organization in the Caribbean for promoting best practices in the management, administration, and support of research and innovation, to stimulate the translation of research results into policies, practices, and products that will facilitate sustainable soci-economic development.


To support systematic improvement in the effectiveness of research and innovation management systems, structures, and processes in regional research & innovation institutions, through capacity building and effective networking.”

Objectives of CabRIMA

  1. To professionalize the research and innovation management profession in the region, raise the profile of regional Research & Innovation Managers, and identify training needs and provide opportunities for their continuous professional development.
  2. To provide a forum for networking, collaborative actions, and the transfer of know-how among Research & Innovation Managers of the region.
  3. To develop mechanisms for Research & Innovation Managers of the region to benchmark their activities against best practices in the profession.
  4. To stimulate research and innovation, and support the translation of research results into policies, practices and products beneficial to end-users.
  5. To influence national and regional policies that will foster the regional sustainable development agendas of CARICOM member states.
  6. To link regional Research & Innovation Managers with the Global Research Management Network.


As Caribbean partner on the RIMI4AC project, theUniversityofTechnology,Jamaica, through itsSchoolofGraduate Studies, Research & Entrepreneurship (SGSRE), which functions as the locus for research and innovation management at the university, is the Secretariat for CabRIMA.  UTech is pursuing a build out model for the Association starting inJamaica, and then involving R&I institutions in the widerCaribbean.


CabRIMA is a voluntary, membership-based Association consisting of regional institutions and persons engaged in advancing research and innovation management (as distinct from an association of researchers).