Refund Policy in the Case of Overpayment

  1. Students who have overpaid on their account are required to submit receipts and complete a Refund Request Form at the Accounts Receivable unit to initiate the refund process.
  2. Cheques will normally be available within 15 working days from the date of receipt of the refund request.
  3. Refunds to students who have received scholarship, grants, students’ loan or any other financial assistance will not be processed until the funds have been received by the University from the Sponsor/ Donor.
  4. Where tuition payment from a Donor/ Sponsor is applicable for a full Academic Year, a refund will not be processed on that payment until the end of the Academic Year when all fees are charged.

Refund Policy for Sponsored/Scholarship Students

  1. Students who are recipients of scholarships, sponsorship or Students loan can only be refunded the excess amount, after tuition fees are paid in full.
  2. A refund will only be paid if the student has made out-of-pocket payments and the amount refunded will not exceed the sum-total of fees paid out of pocket.
  3. Where the University grants a waiver of fees as a benefit to students, the student will receive a credit on their account which will be used to offset fees. A refund will not be paid unless the student has paid fees out-of-pocket and the amount refunded will not exceed the sum-total of fees paid out of pocket.
  4. Where a Sponsor/Donor remits funds to the University for the expressed purpose of covering the living expenses of a student, pending the full payment of fees; the University may exercise discretion to allow for a payment to be made to the student not exceeding the amount stipulated by the Sponsor/Donor for living expense.
  5. Where there is an overpayment on a sponsored student’s account and the student has paid nothing out-of-pocket; a payment will only be paid to the student if the Sponsor/Donor so instructs the University in writing.

Refund Policy in Case of Withdrawal from a Module

  1. Requests for withdrawal from module must be done within 8 weeks for semester 1 & 2; and within 4 weeks for the summer session.
  2. However, being granted approval to withdraw from a module does not remove the students’ liability to the University for the fees due for the module(s) for which the withdrawal was approved.
  3. Therefore, refunds are not applicable to withdrawal from a module, nor can the fees paid for that module(s) be transferred to another registration period.
  4. Students who have withdrawn from a module(s) are required to pay the full fees to re-do the module(s), when next they become available.
  5. Where there are extenuating circumstances (death, disaster, internship requirements etc.) which would have forced the student to withdraw from the module, the student is required to put his/her situation in writing to the Registrar through the Students Relations Office’s for consideration at the Faculty Student Academic Affairs Committee Request (FSAC).
  6. If the FSAC considers the students’ requests favourably, the Student Relations Office would make a recommendation the Finance Department for consideration regarding the student’s fees.
  7. Notwithstanding, the student would be required to pay in full, the fees due for module(s) withdrawn for the period within which the withdrawal was made.
  8. Provided that the student in is good financial standing with University (all outstanding fees are paid), the Finance Department would consider the FSAC recommendation with a view to having the full fees or part thereof, waived when the student is to re-do said module(s).

Refund Policy in Case of Deferral of a Module

  1. For semesterized (Year 1-4) students – a deferral of module is NOT allowed. These students are required to use the regular add/drop process to adjust their diets within the stipulated timeframe. Otherwise, the students must withdraw from the module and no refund is applicable for module withdrawal (see policy on withdrawal of module on page___).
  2. For non-semesterized (Year 5) students, the University only allows modules to be deferred, in extenuating circumstances where a module is cancelled or rescheduled.
  3. Under such circumstances, the University may consider refunding/transferring the fees for the modules which were cancelled/rescheduled.
  4. The Faculty/College would be required to write to the Registrar and Chief Business & Finance Officer advising that the module(s) is no longer being offered and requesting that the affected students not be penalized academically or financially.
  5. In which case, all the affected students who have made payments to register for the module(s) would be eligible for a refund, or for the fees to be transferred to next registration period that the module is being offered.
  6. Students applying for a refund would be required to complete the refund request form and submit the supporting documentation to the Accounts Receivable Department.

Refund Policy in Case of Leave of Absence from a Programme

Leave of Absence is granted prior to the start of the academic year/semester for which the leave of absence is being sought. Such a student would not have commenced the enrolment process, which means that no fees would have been generated. Therefore a refund is not applicable in the case of leave of absence from a programme.

Refund Policy in Case of Withdrawal from a Programme

The University of Technology, Jamaica projects expenses for the provision of services to students prior to the beginning of each programme, based on the number of students who have indicated their intention to enroll. 

Moreover, students who withdraw during the Semesters/Summer Session may deprive others of the opportunity to gain entry for the particular semester; which may prevent the University from achieving its income target. Therefore, any refund of fees will be in accordance with the Refund Policy outlined herein:

Policy Guideline

  1. Refunds in the case of withdrawal from semesterly programmes will only be approved if they are done within 25 working days after the start of each semester; and for short courses, if they are done within 15 working days after the start of classes.
  2. If a registered student decides to withdraw from the University, he or she must give written notice to the Registrar’s Office.
  3. Informing a faculty member of non-attendance at classes, does not constitute official notification or approval. Written approval from the Registrar is required in order for a refund to be considered under the University’s Refund Policy.
  4. Students desirous of withdrawing are required to complete a ‘Faculty Student Academic Affairs Committee (FSAC) Request Form’ and submit it to the Registrar, through the Student Relations Office.
  5. Any student who withdraws from a programme without obtaining permission from the Academic Board through the FSAC will be deemed to have abandoned his/her studentship and will be subject to the University’s formal re-admission process, and would still liable for all outstanding fees.
  6. Requests for refunds outside of the stipulated schedule (below) will not be entertained.
  7. Registered students who have made part payment of fees and have applied for withdrawal after the specified deadlines (outlined in refund schedule), will not be entitled to a refund and will be required to pay the fees due before they resume their course of study.
  8. If the request is received outside of the stipulated deadlines, all outstanding fees for the year/semester of withdrawal must be settled before readmission is granted.
  9. A student who is expelled or suspended will not be entitled to any fee refund.

Refund Conditionalities

  1. Students who write to the University Registrar and are granted permission to withdraw from a programme will receive a refund of tuition and examination fees according to the Refund Eligibility Schedule set out below.
  2. The date on which the withdrawal request is received at the Registrar’s Office will be used as the withdrawal date for computing the refund.
  3. The postmark date on the envelop will be used as the withdrawal date for requests sent by mail, and that date will be used for computing the refund.
  4. The Finance and Business Services Office refunds tuition fees within six weeks, provided that all information and documents have been submitted.
  5. Refunds are based on the assessment of charges incurred, and ancillary fees are non-refundable.
  6. Students applying for a refund would be required to complete the refund request form and submit the supporting documentation.
  7. Refund payments are made by cheque in the name of the student, unless he or she directs otherwise.