Information for New Students

Contact with the International Students’ Office

The most important contact for international students is the International Students’ Office (ISO). The ISO is located on the first floor of the Student Services Building, beside the Medical Centre. The ISO will assist you with all the necessary information for the first few days in Jamaica. It is important that the ISO is kept abreast of students’ contact numbers as well as place of residence in case of an emergency.

Transportation to the UTech Campus

The University provides transportation from the Norman Manley International Airport to the UTech campus, providing that you communicate your travel itinerary to the ISO at least two (2) weeks before arrival. Alternatively, we recommend that you take JUTA taxis only from the airport to the campus. The cost from the Norman Manley International Airport to the UTech campus or its immediate environs is approximatelyUS$50.00. This may be less if students travel in groups.

Sponsored Students

Sponsored students must take a Letter of Commitment from their sponsor to the ISO to show proof of sponsorship. You will not be able to register as a sponsored student unless the International Students’ Coordinator has cleared you. You may also fax the Letter of Commitment to the ISO at fax number (876) 970-1058, or, scan and email to: or . Where applicable, sponsored students should ensure that they have enough funds to cover settling in costs and living expenses for at least one month until their funding is received.

On Campus Accommodation

Upon arrival, the Accommodations Office will assist and direct you to your Hall of Residence. Prospective students desirous of housing on-campus must complete a “Boarding Application Form”. The application period for summer and year-long students is October 1 to January 31. For further information on on-campus housing please visit the

Off-Campus Accommodation

The Accommodations Office also provides assistance with finding off-campus housing. You may contact the Accommodation Officer, Mrs. Angela Issacs-Brown at


Students entering the University for the first time are required to participate in a week long Orientation Programme. The programme introduces students to the University’s history, traditions, educational programmes, co-curricular programmes and academic requirements to ensure successful completion of their programme.

Medical Requirements

All full-time students entering the University for the first time must submit a Medical Certificate. The completed form should be submitted to the Medical Centre. The form can be downloaded at Please note that the Medical can be done in your home country or at the Medical Centre on campus.

The Community Service Programme (CSP)

All full-time students are required to take CSP 1001 either in Semester 1 or Semester 2. It consists of 40 hours of practical community service in one approved agency and five (5) contact classroom hours. For further information, please visit

Changes in Name, Address or Marital Status

If your address has changed, it is your duty to update your details on the Integrated Student Administration System (ISAS). Documentary proof is required for changes in name or marital status. This should be submitted to the Student Records Office and the necessary forms completed.