Appointments & Emergencies

Student who wish to have a session with a psychologist or psychiatrist, are required to schedule an appointment.

Appointments may be made by visiting the Counselling Unit's, located at the Papine and Western Campuses.

Appointments may also be made by calling the Unit at:

Tel: 970-5029 / Or via the mainlines, extensions: 2460, 2028, 2029 (Papine)

Email:   OR (for the Western Campus)                                    

NOTE:  An appointment cannot be made for another person, without their consent.  You may however REFER someone to the Unit, or  you can make an appointment to consult with a counsellor regarding concerns about another person.

You may also report an incident by way of submitting an Incident Report 

See below how to refer someone to the Unit.

Psychological Emergencies

While an appointment system guides how counselling services are accessed, students are oftentimes seen as a psychological emergency.

A psychological emergency is a non-medical, mental health situation in which an individual lacks insight, is exhibiting extreme emotional disturbance or behavioural distress, considering harm to self or others, disoriented or out of touch with reality, has a compromised ability to function, or is otherwise agitated and unable to be calmed.

ON CAMPUS (Papine & Western Campus):

If you are ON CAMPUS and have a psychological emergency, do one of the following:

During regular working hours visit the Unit or call 970-5029 / Or via the mainlines, extensions: 2460, 2028, 2029

If you are faced with a life threatening emergency, call (or visit at the Main Administrative building) the University’s Safety and Security Unit at   970-0201.

OFF CAMPUS (Papine & Western Campus)

If you are OFF CAMPUS and you have a life threatening emergency call 119, or visit the closest hospital Emergency Room.

After Office hours and Weekends (Papine & Western Campus)
If you are ON CAMPUS and faced with a psychological emergency, visit or call the University’s Medical Centre. Outside of opening hours, contact the University’s Safety and Security Unit at 970-0201, OR go to the Emergency Room at the closest hospital. 

If you have a problem you would like to discuss with one of our staff members and it can wait until the next business day, call or visit the Counselling Unit located at the Medical Centre within the opening hours.