Eight UTech, Jamaica Students Receive Scholarship from the Chinese Embassy in Jamaica

Dr. Kevin Brown (left), President, University of Technology, Jamaica receives a symbolic academic scholarship cheque valued at $1.6 M from His Excellency, Chen Daojiang, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Jamaica during the Scholarship presentation Ceremony at the University’s Papine Campus on Thursday, October 19, 2023.

Eight University of Technology, Jamaica students were presented with academic scholarships valued at $1.6 Million from the Chinese Embassy in Jamaica at a special presentation ceremony at the University’s Papine Campus on Thursday, October 19, 2023. The scholarship recipients who were each awarded $200,000 towards their tuition and related expenses for the 2023/2024 academic year are drawn from the Faculty of Engineering and Computing, the College of Health Sciences, the College of Business and Management and the College of Oral Health Sciences.

Dr. Kevin Brown, (5th from left), President University of Technology, Jamaica and His Excellency, Chen Daojiang (4th from left) Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Jamaica display a symbolic scholarship cheque from the Embassy valued at $1.6 M during the scholarship presentation to eight students of the University on Thursday, October 19, 2023 at the Papine Campus. Sharing in the occasion with scholarship recipients are Deans and University Orator, Dr. Warrick Lattibeaudaire (2nd row, left) who moderated the scholarship presentation ceremony. (L-R front row)are Ms. Kerisha Green, student, COBAM, Dr. Adella Campbell, Dean, College of Health Sciences (COHS), Ms. Serina Malcolm, student, COHS, Ms. Samanda Bradley, student, Faculty of Engineering and Computing (FENC), Ms. Nichole Clarke, student, College of Oral Health Sciences, Mrs. Olubosola Akinladejo, Dean (Acting), COBAM, Ms. Teshanna Weir, student, College of Oral Health Sciences, Dr. Deon Bennett, Dean, Joint Colleges of Medicine, Oral Health and Veterinary Services, Ms. Tahirah Daley, student, FENC, Professor Sean Thorpe, Dean, FENC and Mr. Malique Edwards, student, FENC. Absent from the photo is scholarship recipient Mr. Khalil Walker, student, FENC. 

Welcoming the scholarships which were being awarded by the Chinese Embassy for the fifth academic year, Dr. Kevin Brown, President, UTech, Jamaica thanked His Excellency, Chen Daojiang, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Jamaica for the generous donation and expressed further appreciation to the Ambassador for the increase in scholarship from five to eight students for the 2023-24 academic year.

The President also thanked members of faculty and staff from the respective Colleges and Faculties who have aided the students in “honing their academic skills” and who have “guided them on their path to professional development.”

While congratulating the students on their commendable academic performance, participation in extra-curricular activities and overall good standing with the University, Dr. Brown shared with the students that, “I was the beneficiary of scholarships throughout my entire university career.  My parents could not afford university so without scholarships, I would not be where I am today."  He urged the students to continue to work hard in exemplifying the University’s motto, “Excellence through Knowledge,” and further encouraged the scholars to “continue to dedicate yourself to your studies in order to fully capitalize on the scholarship opportunity that has been given to you so that you may unlock your full potential as a scholar and as a budding professional and nation builder.”

Speaking on the longstanding friendship and cooperation that Jamaica shares with China, Dr. Brown noted, “UTech, Jamaica shares in the mission with the Government of China to foster change and development through education that supports and facilitates co-operation and mobility between cultures.”

His Excellency, Chen Daojiang, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Jamaica, prefacing his remarks with the colloquial greeting, “wah gwaan?” much to the amusement of the gathering of scholarship recipients, Deans and other officers of the University, thanked President Dr. Kevin Brown for the warm hospitality, sharing that on this first visit to the university, he was impressed with, “the beautiful and tidy campus, energetic students and strong learning atmosphere.”

Ambassador Daojiang went on to note that UTech, Jamaica “has cultivated a large number of outstanding talents for Jamaica and the region and made great contributions to Jamaica’s socio-economic development.” He stated that this scholarship programme highlights the close cooperative relationship between the Republic of China to Jamaica and the University of Technology, Jamaica, and reflects on China’s strong support for Jamaica’s education.

“Youth is the hope and pillar of a nation. All the students here are our common future and hope,” noted Ambassador Daojiang, as he urged the students to seize opportunities and dedicate themselves to hard work in pursuing their dreams. The ambassador added, "it's your historical mission to lead the development and prosperity of Jamaica and to promote the long-lasting development of China-Jamaica relations.”

Ms. Serina Malcolm, second year student of the Caribbean School of Nursing, COHS, responding on behalf of fellow scholarship recipients expressed sincere appreciation to His Excellency, Chen Daojiang, thanking the ambassador for his, “unwavering commitment to promoting education and investing in the future of young individuals like myself.” Ms. Malcolm shared her own story of being raised in a single parent household with a father whose education stopped at the primary level, but noted that her father, a carpenter persistently strives to ensure a better life through education for her and her younger brother. The budding nurse practitioner ended her heartwarming words of appreciation by also thanking the UTech, Ja. faculty and staff for their support to students and charged her fellow scholarship recipients to continue on their path of academic excellence in “upholding the standards of this prestigious University.”

Dr. Kevin Brown, President, UTech, Jamaica presents gifts to His Excellency, Chen Daojiang, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China UTech, Ja. on the occasion of presentation of scholarships from the Embassy of China in Jamaica on Thursday, October 19, 2023 at the UTech, Jamaica Papine Campus.


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