The research mandate of the University of Technology, Jamaica aims to promote applied and commissioned research that will provide solutions to societal needs. This is ensured by aligning research activities with national goals and priorities for development as articulated in the country’s long-term development plan, Vision 2030 Jamaica.

The SGSRE has been designated “owner and driver” of the University’s strategic research-related initiatives. Therefore, the SGSRE guides and supports research activities as directed by the research mandate of the University. Supporting the work of the SGSRE are College/Faculty Graduate Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Coordinators (C/FGSRECs) serving as the critical link between the SGSRE and the various academic units within the University.

Research Managers in the SGSRE provide a suite of support services to staff members, to facilitate and add value to their research activities. The SGSRE also manages the University’s Research Development Fund (RDF) through which funding is made available to staff members for a range of research-related activities.  

In addition, the SGSRE is the chief organizer for the University’s annual Research, Technology, and Innovation  Day (RTID)  in March of each year

Research, Technology, and Innovation Day (RTID)

RTID provides an opportunity for the University to showcase its research work and capabilities to stakeholders. The event facilitates interaction between the University and its various publics. In so doing, the University not only showcases the research work it is doing, which is of value to the society, but also seeks to develop strong linkages with industry, academia, and government.

The objectives of RTID are:

  1. Showcase recent results of research activities undertaken by faculty members and students
  2. Demonstrate the facilities within the various units and other resources that are available to conduct research
  3. Highlight existing research collaborations between the University, academic, and industry partners
  4. Attract potential research partners from academia and industry
  5. Promote the University’s courses of study, especially graduate research degrees.


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