Mission and Goals

Mission- HARVEST- ‘ Reaping the benefits of togetherness’

The Department will  impact communities through  a HARVEST of collaborative  efforts:

 Health–  Promoting health  and wellness in our communities.

Artistic Expressions - Promoting and supporting  the  creative  arts.

Rights/Responsibilities-Educating citizens on their rights and civic responsibilities and promoting ethical behavior.

Vocational Training– Providing community members with the skills and knowledge for employment and alternative livelihood.

Enterprise/Education:  Promoting social enterprise and preparing community youths for external examinations.

Sports-Organizing and promoting community sports.

Teamwork–Fostering unity and harmony in all community activities.


The Department of Community Service & Development aims to:

• Involve the entire University community in service and development.
• Develop a commitment to service in all students of the University.
• Work with the members of the communities in which the University operates.
• Identify areas of national interest where the University, working in collaboration with stakeholders, can offer its expertise in providing solutions.
• Ensure that the University is an active leader and partner in the nation's development.
• Strengthen the bonds between staff and students by engaging in common goals of service