Major Community Service Initiatives

Our Community Service Initiatives include but not limited to:-

  1.  Community  Service  Program 1001(CSP1001): All University students are required to complete the CSP 1001 module which introduces them to the value of community service and volunteerism. This is an experiential learning approach that ensures all students are placed at an agency or institution to carry out at least 40 hours of voluntary service and five (5) hours of class sessions.
  2. Annual Community Service Conference & Fair– Every August  during  orientation week at our Papine and Western campuses for the new academic year, the department embarks on a conference to introduce CSP 1001 and promote awareness of the  impact of volunteerism on society.
  3.  Labour Day Project: On May 23rd each year, the department embarks on a major community service project to assist an entity in close proximity to the campus. These projects include repainting of buildings, building of ramps, assistance with landscaping at school, etc.
  4. Saturday University  Programme: This  is a community outreach programme for residents of Papine and surrounding communities which offers tutoring  in Mathematics and English Language to 10 -12 year old children in preparation for the Primary Exit Profile (PEP), Grade Nine Achievement Test (G.N.A.T.) and high school students ages 14 - 17 inclusive of drop outs in preparation for the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (C.S.E.C.). Students are also taught life lessons through empowerment sessions.
  5.  Papine Wellness FestThe Papine Wellness Fest is a series of health and service fairs, community forums and recreational activities which seeks to employ a holistic approach to address issues that are faced by underserved communities (Highlight View, Kintyre, August Town, Maryland, Gordon Town, Dallas and Irish Town)  to create an environment conducive to achieving sustainable community development.