Procedures for SLB Recipients

  1. Your students’ loan is an agreement between yourself and the Student Loan Bureau (SLB). Therefore, please ensure that you read and clarify the terms and conditions of your loan. The University has no controls over the policies of the Bureau.
  2. Student Loan Bureau (SLB) recipients, will NOT be granted financial clearance, until their loans have been fully approved; that is, their loan status is ‘E’ and communication of this approval is received by the University from the SLB.
  3. Student Loan Bureau (SLB) recipients must ensure that they provide the Bureau with all the documentation required; and they must attend the requisite interviews to ensure the timely approval of their loans.
  4. All unused SLB funds are returned at the end of each academic year. Therefore, students who pursue less modules than the amount approved by the SLB in a given academic year must inform the Bureau, if they intend to pursue those modules in the next academic year; as the payment is not transferrable from one academic year to the next.
  5. The SLB covers tuition and examination assessment fees only, therefore, all SLB recipients must pay their ancillary fees in order to receive financial clearance and complete registration.
  6. The SLB does NOT pay for re-dos, therefore the student is responsible for all re-do fees.
  7. The SLB has a limit on the number of credits for which it will pay during a given academic year, based on your programme and year of study. The SLB will NOT pay where students carry additional modules beyond the limit approved by the Bureau for that particular year and programme.
  8. Students are required to ensure that the number of credits selected for each semester is in keeping with the number of credits that will be paid for by the Bureau, so as to ensure that they do not exceed the credit load approved by the SLB.
  9. Students who exceed the approved credit load, will be required to pay the difference not covered by the SLB.
  10. SLB does not cover the cost for Pre-University modules or zero-credit courses, or special College/Faculty related fees
  11. Students must follow-up with the Bureau to ensure that they have paid the agreed fees for each academic year. Please note that students will NOT be allowed to sit examinations with outstanding fees.