Procedures for Sponsored Students

  • Sponsored students are required to submit to the Financial Aid Office with their Fee-Breakdown Sheet and a Letter of Undertaking from their sponsor.
  • Students should aim to finalize their sponsorship, so that at the very least a written commitment to pay can be given by the sponsor to the University, before the Census Date in each semester.
  • Students who do not have approval for their sponsorship in time for the census date requirement, should visit the Student Financial Services Unit in the Department of Student Financing to work out a suitable payment arrangement before the Census Date.
  • Financial clearance can only be given with a letter of commitment to pay at least the minimum fee payment requirement, according to the approved payment plans.
  • Where sponsorship commitments are not received by the sponsorship office before the Census Date to allow for financial clearance, these students are subject to all conditionalities/penalties for non-payment as stated in the approved payment plan.
  • Sponsored students are required to pay all fees in excess of the amount covered by the sponsorship.
  • Sponsored students from any of the satellite campuses are required to submit their letter of commitment form the sponsor to the Administrative Office at the respective campuses; where the administrator of that campus will forward them to the Financial Aid Office at the Papine Campus for processing.
  • Sponsors are required to pay all outstanding fees within 30 working days of the official close of registration each semester.
  • Students must ensure that their sponsors adhere to the credit conditionalities and comply with the stipulated payment deadlines.
  • If the sponsor fails to pay by the stipulated deadline, the student is ultimately liable and will be required to pay all outstanding fees, on demand.

Procedures for Staff Members & Dependents of Staff Members

  • Staff members or dependents of staff members who are eligible for a tuition waiver are required to submit their fee breakdown to the Human Resource (H.R.) Department for approval.
  • Staff members are required to meet the ECF requirement in order to begin module selection, pending approval of the sponsorship through the Human Resource Department.
  • Once the H.R. Department gives the approval and states the value of the waiver this information will be forwarded electronically to the Students Receivable Unit, in order for the student’s account to be updated.
  • The student is then required to pay the remaining tuition/miscellaneous fees required for enrolment. Staff members may also make arrangements via salary deduction or staff guarantee to pay outstanding fees for themselves or their dependents.
  • This arrangement is made through the Student Debt Recovery Unit and must be approved by the Receivables Accountant or the Director of Student Financing /and the Payroll Department.
  • Where a staff member sets up an approved payment arrangement via salary deduction to settle 100% of balance outstanding, the student may receive financial clearance and be exempted from the facility fees. 
  • If an employee settles the outstanding fees over the counter before and wishes to cancel the payroll deduction order; s/he may complete a Stop Order Request through the Student Debt Recovery Unit; and present, the original receipt to substantiate the settling of the debt. The request will be reviewed and approval will be given by the Receivables Accountant (if the students account is fully settled), to cease the payroll deductions.